CAPP Dual Credit (College Apprenticeship Preparation & Co-op) CAPP12

CAPP Dual Credit (College Apprenticeship Preparation & Co-op)
CAPP Dual Credit programs are for students focused on these careers:
• Automotive Service Technician
• Cook
• Carpentry
• Truck & Coach Technician.
• Welding
These programs operate in partnership with Conestoga College. Students are registered as an OYAP Participant at the start of the program and work towards completing pre-apprenticeship training for their chosen trade. Students will complete hours through Co-op that may apply towards their apprenticeship. Students will earn (2) secondary credits for successful completion of the college courses and (2) Co-op credits. A Grade 11 and/or 12 related Tech course is required as a prerequisite. Previous related work experience is desirable.
Students will also be interviewed for suitability towards admission into one of the following Level One apprenticeship programs:
• Automotive Service Technician
• Machinist/Tool and Die
• Brick and Stone
Interested students for these specialized level one programs will require previous work experience (either through coop or otherwise). In addition, students must have an employer willing to sponsor their apprenticeship.
These Dual Credit programs will run semester 2 for Grade 12 students who have successfully earned 26 credits towards graduation. All compulsory credits must be completed prior to the start of semester 2.
COURSE NOTE: Access to Co-op is based on student readiness and program availability.
• Admission to the Level one apprenticeship program is based on a successful college interview.
• Complete the Application Form, Parent Permission & Teacher Reference Forms.
• Students will be contacted by a Co-op teacher for an interview.
• Students are responsible for placement expenses (e.g., transportation).
More information and forms available at or Guidance & Co-op offices.
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