There is a complementary relationship between academics and co-curricular activities and therefore we are committed to high standards in both areas.  Students who participate in co-curricular activities make a tremendous contribution to the Resurrection school community.  The reward for their participation is the enrichment which these activities bring to the students’ lives.  Students will recognize the participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege.  As such, all students are expected to conduct themselves with respect, dignity, and good citizenship both at school and while representing Resurrection away from campus.  Ultimately, all students who participate in co-curricular activities will be held accountable to the School Code of Conduct.

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Co-Curricular Scholarship Program

The Co-Curricular Scholarship Program has been created to complement the high standards associated with our school mission and the co-curricular participation standards established this year.  Senior students participating in co-curricular activities are eligible to receive a $50 scholarship toward post secondary studies in College, University or an accredited continuing education program sponsored by a public or private educational institution.
Successful candidates will be selected by their coaches and moderators for their exemplary ability to contribute to team/club goals and demonstrate a commitment to their studies, Christian values and community building.  Individual students may nominate themselves or a fellow member of their team or club.  The coach will make the final decision.  A student is eligible to receive a maximum of 6 awards throughout their tenure at Resurrection.  A registry of scholarship winners has been created and students will have access to the funds upon proof of registration at an accredited educational institution.  The names of Scholarship winners will be published in the Ember and they will receive their award at the year-end Awards Assembly or the Athletic Awards Night.

Scholarship Information
Students are encouraged to pursue scholarship opportunities.  Scholarships are designed to reward student initiative and perseverance.  There are literally hundreds of scholarships available depending on a student’s destination.  Scholarship information may change annually, dates, amounts, availability, and number.  Resurrection C.S.S will attempt to keep the information as current as possible, as some scholarships change information with out sending it out directly to the schools.

Scholarship information is available by:

  • Printed weekly announcements in school
  • In the Guidance office