Students are to notify the Guidance Office as soon as a change of address or new phone number is in effect. This will ensure that student records are kept up to date.
Co-curricular Activities:

Students are highly encouraged to be involved in co-curricular activities at Resurrection. All activities will be under the direct supervision of a staff member.  Students not involved with co-curricular activities must leave the building within 15 minutes of the final bell to end their day.

Students are welcome to eat lunch in the cafeteria, designated areas on the first floor or the outside eating areas. Students will NOT be able to eat in any of the stairwell located around the school Please keep these designated eating areas clean of litter and food debris.

Each school day will begin with the National Anthem and Prayer. Any announcements that are for the benefit of students and staff will be made available on the school website, Facebook, Twitter and the new in school communication network. The network locations include the forum, cafeteria, guidance and the phys. ed. wing.

All communication of student relevant information will be posted by these means. There will be no morning announcements.

The elevators are off limits unless there is a student who is not physically able to use the stairs. Students who need to use the elevator on a temporary basis (e.g. broken ankle) should make their request through the Main Office.

Emergency fire drills are conducted a minimum of six times per year.  The fire alarm is to be taken seriously at all times.  When the alarm rings, everyone assumes there is an emergency and leaves the building quickly via the assigned exit for each room. They then must proceed to the designated area at least fifty (50) meters from the school where their teacher will take attendance. Students remain outside until the school bell is rung to indicate it is safe to return.  Lock down drills will be conducted a minimum of twice per school year.

Procedures for assessing student progress are sufficiently varied to meet the needs of different individuals or groups of students, different courses, and a variety of learning environments.  In order to help teachers assess student achievement, curriculum guidelines describe appropriate evaluation techniques.  Students are informed at the beginning of each course as to how they will be assessed through a Student Information Sheet (SIS)It is the right and responsibility of students to initiate communication with their teachers whenever aspects of their evaluation need clarification.

Two report cards are issued each semester – one mid-term progress report and one final report at the end of semester.  Reports are issued early in November and April and the end-of-semester reports are issued in February and June.  Final marks are based on both formative and summative evaluations.

The Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled early in each semester to promote support and ongoing intervention.

It is an expectation for all students at Resurrection to participate actively in the life of the school:

  • Students must attend school masses and other  faith formation  exercises.
  • Students will recognize that religious studies are important to their character and moral development.
  • All student timetables will include one Religion Credit in their first four years. Students who successfully complete their religion courses will receive a Resurrection diploma in addition to the OSSGD.

Field trips are an integral component of many courses of study and full attendance and participation are expected.  Students should remember that they are representing our school and should conduct themselves accordingly.  For school trips, the school uniform will be worn unless the principal gives approval for alternate dress.

Please check the main office and the Lost and Found if you are missing personal property.  Unclaimed articles are eventually donated to charitable organizations.

Guidance services are available to meet the developmental needs of our students.  Guidance Counsellors, Teachers, Administration, Youth Care Workers, the Chaplain and other school personnel work as a team in order to assist all students.

The aim of the guidance program is to provide students with opportunities to:

  • Expand their knowledge and understanding of self and develop an appreciation of their potential to contribute to society;
  • Develop an understanding of effective relationships;
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to make appropriate post- secondary decisions;
  • Explore potential careers in relation to themselves, educational alternatives and their desired lifestyles.

All students are to only use the locker assigned to them.  Administration keeps a record of all combinations in the main office.

For security reasons, individual combinations are to be kept confidential.  Students are to use ONLY locks sold by the school any non-school lock will be cut off.  While students may use the lockers provided, they remain the property of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and are to be treated with care.  Students will be charged for any damage to their lockers. All problems with locks and lockers should be reported to the Main Office.

Lockers are the property of the school and subject to a search by administration at any time.  While the search of a locker is a rare event, the school administration has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for all.  If information is received that a locker may contain drugs, weapons or contraband, it will be searched.  It is expected that the student assist in the search or be present if possible.  Where the student is a minor, we will endeavour to make contact with the parent/guardian following the search.

Under this legislation, students who are 18 years of age and over are viewed as adults and, as such, correspondence regarding their academic progress, attendance, etc. is directed to the student.  These students do not require parent/guardian approval for any aspect of their school program.

The Resurrection School community encourages open communication between students 18 years and over and their parent/guardian.  To this end, we will not be communicating with parent/guardian unless otherwise designated by the student.

All student vehicles must be registered at the main office at the beginning of the school year. Students may only park their cars in the designated parking area; Main Lot, from the tennis courts to half way to the school and the Lower Lot facing the track. Students must comply with conditions outlined on the form. Any noncompliance will result in the loss of parking privileges and/or a parking ticket.

The school is not responsible for any damage done to student cars while parked on school property, including the technology compound.  Students are advised to keep car doors locked.

For the safety and care of both students and vehicles, students are not to gather or loiter around the cars or parking lots. Safe driving practices are an expectation and the speed limit on school property is 20 km/h.

Only students with a valid G2 drivers’ licence are permitted to park on school property.

Throughout high school, students at RCSS are extended certain privileges. The intent and purpose of these privileges is to encourage individual responsibility as it relates to school success. These school successes will translate into future successes beyond your high school years.


Throughout high school, students at RCSS are extended certain privileges. The intent and purpose of these privileges is to encourage individual responsibility as it relates to school success. These school successes will translate into future successes beyond your high school years.

Examples of Privileges:

Attending School Sanctioned Events:

A student’s first and foremost responsibility is to strive toward academic success. These activities provided throughout the year (pep rallies, school dances, semi-formal) offer additional opportunities to develop academically and socially. If a student is not being successful, then their focus is to improve academically and then be able to attend these events.

Off Campus “Lunch”:

Those students who take the opportunity to leave school campus during their lunch are doing so knowing that this requires good time management. The responsibility of eating lunch off campus includes the responsibility of getting back to school safely and in time for period three class. If there are issues with lates and/or truancies, students will be required to participate in a lunch time program (Truancy Intervention Program (TIP) to support their need for better management of their own time and get caught up academically.

Senior students at RCSS are not assigned to study hall during their spare, but they may not linger in and around the school. Students having period one spare may arrive prior to period two. Those students with period four spare may leave after period three. While in the school building, students are required to go to the library, cafeteria, seating area in the forum or be under the supervision of a staff member. If a student is unable to do this independently, then it will need to be addressed by their administrator.

As a school community we feel strongly that our students should not smoke.  Smoking is banned on all school board properties including parking lots and while on any school sponsored field trip or event.  Students who violate the ban will be suspended in accordance with school board policy.   Students must keep cigarettes and cigarette packages out of sight while at school.

For safety reasons, students are asked not to congregate nor smoke on the sidewalks or private and business properties within sight of Resurrection.

As a community we wish to put measures in place to discourage smoking.  Students must be behind the fences bordering the exit along the driveway and the sidewalk.  Students may not smoke or litter on the driveway or sidewalk in that area or in sight of the school.

This smoking area may be used before/after school, during the student’s lunch period and during any spare periodsStudents are not allowed to use this area between or during class time.  A student’s smoking habit should not interfere with his/her academic responsibilities. Any issues related to smoking will be dealt with through progressive discipline.

All students at RCSS pay a $40.00 Student Activity fee.  This fee entitles each student to a Student I.D. Card. Those students participating in co-instructional activities benefit from the collection of these fees when Student Council allocates funds. The student body at large benefits when these fees are directed toward such events as: Christmas and Motivational assemblies, Awards assemblies, guest speakers and all student related spirit activities.

Out of concern for the safety and protection of our students and our property, and due to the large size of our student population, all students will be required to carry their student I.D. card at all times.  Students must be prepared to show this card to any teacher upon request.  In order to obtain a library card, a locker or enter any school activity a student must have a student card.

The replacement fee for a lost or damaged Student Card is $5.00.

According to the Education Act, Section 19, Sub-section 23 (1): A pupil shall,  a) be diligent in attempting to master such studies as are part of the program in which the pupil is enrolled;  b) accept discipline as would be exercised by a kind, firm and judicious parent:

With this in mind, the Resurrection school community has taken it upon themselves to provide all the necessary supports to assist students, who are struggling, to be successful.

Public pay telephones are available for the convenience of students in the entrance to the Forum and Physical Education areas.  Except in cases of an emergency, our office staff will not accept telephone messages for students.


Textbooks/Team Uniforms / Library Materials:

Text books, Library books, materials and team uniforms are all the property of RCSS and are signed out for student use where they are needed. Their care becomes the responsibility of the individual student. The student is responsible for their timely return and /or replacement.

All returns/debts, unpaid accounts need to be cleared up prior to the next semester beginning.

Outstanding obligations will result in any of the following taking place: no textbooks being provided in the following semester, loss of school privileges including participation in extra-curricular activities.

A Waterloo Regional Police Services report can be completed in the main office. The school will not participate in these investigations. To prevent theft, students should not bring valuable items or large sums of money to school.


Transcripts and Full Disclosure:

The Ontario Student Transcript (OST) provides a comprehensive record of the credits that a student has earned towards the fulfilment for their graduation diploma. The transcript, which is part of the Ontario Student Record (OSR), will include the following information:

Withdrawal after a specified time (5 days following the first provincial report card) from any grade 11 or 12 course will be recorded on the OST (W indication).  The percentage grade reported will be the grade at the time of withdrawal.

All students who transfer or retire from RCSS during the school year MUST complete check-out procedures through their assigned Guidance Counsellors. Check-out procedures include written confirmation of the transfer or retirement from a parent, the return of all materials belonging to the school and the signature of an Administrator or designate.  Official transcripts are not issued to any retiring or transferring student who has not completed check-out procedures.


All student council and school approved activities will sell their tickets from the Tuck Shop. There are also opportunities throughout the year to purchase RCSS Spirit Wear​

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