Course Changes & Guidance Appointments

Hello and welcome to the 2019-20 School Year at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.  

We are aware that the start of the new school year can increase student (and parent) anxiety and stress.  Guidance teachers are here to support and work with students to ensure a positive start to the school year.  One of the biggest requests by students is to have their courses changed. To help manage and streamline the large number of timetable changes guidance teachers will not be taking online bookings, instead we ask that students complete a blue course change form (Available in front of the guidance office starting August 27), get it signed by a parent/guardian and return it to the guidance office. Guidance Teachers will then contact students via phone, email or call into classes. Please be aware that “Essential Changes” will  be given priority…..What is an essential change? 


  1. In grade 9, 10 or 11 and do not have 8 courses on their timetable
  2. Failed a course last semester and no longer have the prerequisite for a course on their timetable
  3. In grade 12 or year 5 and do not have enough courses on their schedule to reach 30 credits/graduate by the end of this year.
  4. Level changes (example moving from academic to applied)
  5. Imbalanced timetable (Ex. Math, English, Science in one semester)

For all other timetable changes please also complete the blue course change form mentioned above.

Please be aware that we can not accommodate teacher requests or requests to be in classes with friends.

Thank you, 

Ms. Jayasundera, Ms. Stimson, Ms. Iley and Mr. Kritz

*** PLEASE be aware that the last day to request a timetable change (for Semester 1) is Friday September 6th 2019***