Advanced Placement

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Advanced Placement

  • Advanced Placement (AP) is an internationally recognized program that allows students to enrich the Ontario Curriculum with the goal of achieving university accreditation while enrolled at Resurrection CSS.
  • Pre-AP courses are offered in grades 9 – 11.
  • AP courses are offered in grade 12.  They are audited by the AP College Board and include writing AP exams in May.

How Do Students Benefit?

  • Grouping highly able learners creates an environment where students can challenge each other and thrive.
  • Students will gain a wealth of experience and critical thinking skills that will benefit them all of their lives.
  • University credits may be awarded to students that perform well on their Grade 12 AP exams.

Students who write the AP Exam achieve higher grades in University than students with similar grades in High School who did not.

What Does AP Provide?

  • Topics and material studied in greater depth
  • Enriched learning opportunities
  • Thought-provoking discussion
  • Interaction with other motivated learners

The focus is not to create more work, but a different kind of work that challenges a student’s higher order thinking skills.

Who Should Consider AP?

  • Highly able learners looking to be challenged
  • Students with a passion for learning
  • Self-motivated learners with strong communication and analytical skills.

Grades are only one of the many factors that help determine a student’s suitability for AP.

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