RCSS Outside3
–  Students obtaining level 3 or higher in grade 8
–  Emphasize theory and abstract problem-solving.
–  Multi-step thinking skills required
–  Student-centered/requires students to have independent learning skills.
–  Faster pace of learning.
–  Lead to university preparation courses in grades 11 and 12.
–  Students achieving level 1 – 2 in grade 8
–  Focus on practical applications and use concrete examples.
–  The teacher directs the learning
–  More hands-on work.
–  Learn through a more gradual step by step approach.
–  Allows for a slower pace of learning.
–  Lead to College preparation courses in grades 11 and 12.
–  Courses are designed to focus on core knowledge and skills to meet individual student needs who may not be working at current grade 8 level expectations.
AP Preparation
–  An enrichment program that extends beyond the Ontario Curriculum for highly able learners looking to be challenged.
–  Courses are offered in grades 9-11 in Math, Science,  English, and French
–  Covers the academic curriculum at a faster pace to allow time to explore some concepts in more detail.

Please visit the Math website for more information.

Guidance Teachers
Special Education Monitors
Student Success Teachers (SST)
Social Worker

At the end of August each year, Get a HeadStart to Grade 9 is offered. HeadStart is a voluntary, value-added summer support program offered for FREE for Grade 8 students entering Grade 9 only at one of our five WCDSB Catholic Secondary Schools.  Although this program is NOT mandatory, separate registration for HeadStart is required. This program is only available to students enrolled in our Catholic Secondary Schools each September. Students and parents tell us how timely and transformative this program is.

HEADSTART to Grade 9 – More information & registration

Check out our FAQ webpage created by current Resurrection students.

Students from Resurrection Feeder schools will register with Resurrection by completing course selection through MyBlueprint.  Information has been provided to Grade 8 teachers to support students with course selection.
MyBlueprint Video Overview
Parent Verification Video

STEP #1 – Online Registration Process


  • After reviewing the Online Registration Parent Process Instructions, complete the Online
    Registration at https://wcdsb.myontarioedu.ca
  • Upload Necessary Documents:
    o Proof of Home Address (one of: Utility Bill, Property Tax Bill, Cable/Phone/Internet Bill,
    Purchase/Rental/Lease Agreement, Bank Document)
    o Child’s Proof of Age and Legal name (one of: Birth Certificate, Certificate of Canadian
    Citizenship, Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad, Passport, Permanent Resident
    Card, Record of Landing)
  • If you have not lived in Canada for more than 4 years, upload one of: confirmation of
    Permanent Residence, Refugee Claimant, Permanent Resident Card, Study Permit/Visa, Work

STEP #2 – Course Selection (DUE: Feb. 26 2021)

Please complete the course selection form.  2021-2022 Course Selection Form

2021-2022 Courses Calendar