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New High Skills Major comes to Resurrection!

The Resurrection Arts department is very excited to be the only high school in the Waterloo District Catholic School Board to offer the Arts and Culture Specialist High Skills Major starting in September of 2009! The Specialist High Skills Major is a ministry approved award you can earn during grade 11 and 12 by completing the following.

  1. 4 arts or arts related courses (2 in grade 11 and 2 in grade 12) from a pre-assigned list of courses. Check out the high skills link below for the complete list. You maybe taking some of these courses already!
  2. Earn industry recognized certifications related to the employment sector.
  3. Use the Ontario Skills Passport to track the skills you are gaining.
  4. Take advantage of Reach Ahead opportunities.
  5. Participate in sector related Experiential Learning activities, including two co-op credits.

This is a valuable opportunity for our arts students because it gives them the opportunity to be involved in arts activities outside of school while completing arts courses that they have already chosen in their timetable. Students will have the opportunity to work with experts in their field of interest through the co-op and reach ahead opportunities.
For further information regarding this fabulous opportunity look on-line at www.highskills.ca or talk to your guidance counsellor and arts teachers. Get registered today!!

Ministry Specialist High Skills Major BOARD INFO PAGE