Rez Newsletter – October 2018


A Message from Our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

Overall, it has been an outstanding start to the school year at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.  We began the year with a new online student registration process and with the exception of a few hiccups with our Cash Online system, we felt this approach proved beneficial.  The members of the Student Activity Council were a significant help in the registration process as they assisted more than 1400 students register within two days.   Our Phoenix Friends have proven to be exceedingly helpful as they continue to mentor our most recent Phoenix, our Grade 9 students.  The Phoenix Friends and our SAC students hosted a well spirited opening barbeque and dance where all of our Grade nines had an opportunity to build community and get to know each other.

The Leadership Team feels extremely grateful to the more than twenty new staff members who […]

Rez Newsletter – June 2018

A Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to work alongside such a wonderful staff and to lead a phenomenal student body through another very successful school year!  We are proud of the determination exhibited each and every day by our students and the amazing accomplishments made by so many.  Thank you to the best staff a leadership team could hope for, the Resurrection Staff, who continuously gives so much of their personal time to provide the most comprehensive education for all of our students.


At Resurrection Catholic Secondary School, we pride ourselves with educating each and every student as an individual and do our best to ensure a balanced approach to teaching the whole child, body, mind and soul.  We have seen exceptional performances both inside and outside […]

Rez News – Coming Together on Wednesday June 6th


Coming Together

Please join us on Wednesday June 6th from 6pm – 9pm for an evening of Coming Together.  The evening has been organized by Dwayne Harriott and Denise Milton to bring us together and celebrate the youth in our community.  How we live our lives while treating each other with respect and dignity plays a crucial role in coming together and making a positive difference in our world.  That is what cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion is all about; it’s acknowledging what each of us stands for, and the value that we ALL bring to the table.  On Wednesday, we will have an opportunity to look past our differences and discover what we can do to better ourselves and empower today’s youth to achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom, so that they can be better role models and better leaders in our community.


Rez News – Grade 10 Literacy Test Information


A Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

During Holy Week we are reminded of the hope that is approaching.  The Holy Triduum which encompasses Holy Thursday, Good Friday and our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday is the essence of who we are as a Catholic people.  Although there are sometimes dark times there is always hope!  Spring is here (and hopefully the warm weather follows suit) and with it a renewed sense of optimism is flourishing.  Academically, we are at the Progress Report time which provides an opportunity to complete a ‘goals’ check for our students and staff.  Are we achieving at a level that we have set for ourselves?  Are we putting the time and effort in that is necessary for us to be successful?  Are we seeking out the opportunities that are available for extra support?  […]

Rez News – January 2018

A Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

We have entered into a new year and as we enter into a new semester we hope that all of our students and staff find a fresh start as we venture into further success in 2018.  As we move into the month of February, we ask that all students and staff find the importance in setting both academic and personal goals.

We have had an outstanding first semester with a tremendous amount of learning and significant achievements along the way.  Late November our School/Parent Council hosted a very successful ‘Pathways Night’ where we had 19 guest speakers come in from various occupational pathways to share their passion and experience with our community.  Resurrection hosted an energized ‘Live Art’ exhibit which highlighted visual art, cosmetology and communication technology.  Our Athletics Department had another outstanding fall season highlighted […] uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.
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