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Below you will find links to online resources that have been chosen by Ms. Martin to help with your assignments.

  • Sample Works Cited with List of Images Used
  • To create your Works Cited, use a Citation Maker.
  • How to Cite Photos:
    • if your photo is used to make a point – cite it like you would for a quotation and include it in your Works Cited
    • if you’re using for aesthetic purposes (i.e. to make something look nice), create a separate, numbered, List of Images Used. Include the “Name of the photo.” Name of the Web site.
  • eBooks ~ electronic copies of books – lot of biographies! (Virtual Reference Library – part of InfoTrac)
  • Britannica School ~ if you’re using this from home, you’ll need a username & password (handout in library)
  • Britannica ImageQuest ~ Access to nearly 3 Million rights-cleared images!
  • Crash Course: US History videos
  • CRAAP test (evaluating resources to determine if they’re research-worthy)

Specific Assignments:

    1. George Washington
    2. John Adams
    3. Thomas Jefferson
    4. James Madison
    5. James Monroe
    6. John Quincy Adams
    7. Andrew Jackson
    8. Martin Van Buren
    9. William Henry Harrison
    10. John Tyler
    11. James K. Polk
    12. Zachary Taylor
    13. Millard Fillmore
    14. Franklin Pierce
    15. James Buchanan
    16. Abraham Lincoln
    17. Andrew Johnson

 Recommended Web Sites:

 Be sure to evaluate where you find your information!! There are a lot of “civil war buffs” out there…but where are they getting their information? Are they really experts in their field? Are they presenting historical “facts” or only presenting one side of the war? (e.g. is a for-profit business)
Apply the CRAAP test to evaluate your sources!

Online Reference Sources (formally published, accessible online)

eBooks ~ Type “United States Civil War” or the name of the person you’re researching (last name, first name) in the search box – and use the same password as InfoTrac.
Britannica School ~ if you’re using this from home, you’ll need a username & password (handout in library)
InfoTrac’s Civil War portal page ~ books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, videos, pictures, etc. AND all the sources include citations for your works cited

Recommended Web Sites