February is Black History Month!

Check out some of these online resources that shed light on and celebrate
the history and achievements of Black Canadians and Americans.

Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute: Black History Month playlist ~ A collection of short videos, highlighting key moments and individuals related to Black History month.

 Black History Month ~ from the federal government’s Canadian Heritage web site.  The 2020 theme is “Canadians of African Descent: Going forward, guided by the past.”

 Being Black in Canada ~ a video from the CBC

  Black in Canada ~ search for profiles by clicking on Filter Profiles and then choosing an area of interest (e.g. Science & Tech, Law & Justice, Government, Sports & Fashion, etc.)
  Canadian Encyclopedia’s Black History in Canada ~ timelines, profiles, biographies, videos and more!

 Celebrating Black History ~ from CBC Archives; includes television and radio clips from the 1940s to the present day.

  Black history in Canada: a live, interactive roundtable ~ How much do we know about black history in Canada? Who were the key figures? What do we lose when we don’t include black stories in our history?  This 50-minute video from the CBC delves into these questions and more.

   Ontario Black History Society ~ check out the menu on the left side for Contemporary Profiles, Historical Profiles, information about the Underground Railroad, Historical Places, and more

 The Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery ~ follow a young slave as he flees a Kentucky plantation for Canada along the Underground Railroad; must use in a browser that supports Flash.

 Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada ~ from Library and Archives Canada; includes original documents

 Buxton National Historic Site & Museum ~ Founded on the original site of the Elgin Settlement that served as a terminus on the Underground Railroad for Blacks fleeing oppression, Buxton National Historic Site & Museum’s main purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historical artifacts related to the Elgin Settlement.

National Museum of African American History & Culture ~ the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC; fascinating collection of objects and stories – try “Explore” in the menu

PBS’ Black Culture Connection ~ a resource and guide to films, stories and voices across public television centred around Black history & culture

African American History Month ~ from Britannica School (outside of the school, you will need a password – see the handout in the library or ask Ms. Martin)

In Motion: the African-American migration experience ~ describes the migrations of black people from around the world to the United States (requires Flash player)

Voices from the Days of Slavery – Former Slaves Tell Their Stories ~ audio clips of interviews of former slaves

Aboard the Underground Railroad: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary

Black History Month ~ from the Academy of American Poets

Academy of Achievement ~ biographies of people who have shaped our world

For even more ideas, check out the WCDSB Virtual Learning Commons Black History Guide