Below you will find links to online resources that have been chosen by Ms. Martin to help with your assignments.
First try searching our Religion eBooks…for example, the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices. You’ll need your InfoTrac password to access.​  
Britannica School research database ~ use the search bar at the top;  to access from home, you will need a password for this site (see Ms. Martin)


Global Distribution of World Religions


  • Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices eBook (use your Infotrac password) – search for your country to get country-specific information on the religions practiced, cultural impact, mode of dress, and more!
  • Social Progress Index – compare up to 3 countries on a range of statistics! Click on “Compare Countries” then “Add Country” for up to 3, then choose the data set
  • check out the religion-specific sites below! and don’t forget about the sources above that you used for your Global Distribution assignment

General World Religions Resources:

First try searching our Religion eBooks! You’ll need your InfoTrac password to access.

Don’t forget about the General Resources sites above!

First try searching our eBooks (try choosing the Religion category) – including the 2015 Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, the Catholic Encyclopedia, and more.  You’ll need your InfoTrac password to access.