If you’re about to tackle a history research paper, here are some online reference books (eBooks), databases, web sites, and tools that should help you out!  NOTE: if you’re doing a Google search, instead try Google Scholar to get more academic results!

The eBooks (electronic books) in the Gale Virtual Reference Library (in InfoTrac) are exactly like their printed book versions – but, unlike a paper book, you can easily search through all of the pages electronically. You can browse through the History category for a list of book titles, or search all of them at once.

Also consider Salem’s Great Lives from History (20th Century).

General Resources:

Canadian History:

American History:

Classics/Ancient/Medieval History:

  • Research Notes Worksheet ~ use this worksheet to collect and organize your research notes. It will make it easier to write your paper later AND keep an accurate list of your sources for your Works Cited
  • How to Properly Reference a Research Paper:
    • Works Cited – MLA example (includes “List of Images Used)
    • Citation Maker (MLA) ~ as you find a resource, create the citation right away – it will save time and energy later! Then, just use the beginning part of the citation in the “Source” column on the Research Notes Worksheet
  • Plagiarism Pitfalls~ it is CRUCIAL for you to properly track, reference, and cite your sources. This handout is a reminder of what to watch out for to avoid unintentionally plaigiarizing your papers.