Below you will find links to online resources that have been chosen by Ms. Martin to help with your assignments.

Works Cited information

  • To create your citations, use the Citation Maker.
  • Here’s what a properly formatted Works Cited looks like. Notice how it’s in alphabetical order, and uses hanging indents! Remember, any assignments without a Works Cited will be considered incomplete!!

Chemical Compounds assignment

Research databases

Check out all our eBooks (including Chemical Compounds)! Use your InfoTrac password and just type the name of the disorder in the search box.  All the citations for your Works Cited are included!

Everything you find (books, magazine & newspaper articles, pictures, etc.) within InfoTrac’s Science in Context database has the citations done for you! You will need the InfoTrac password.

Britannica School ~ when you’re using this at school, you won’t need a password; from home, see Ms. Martin for the username and password (handout in the library)

Recommended Web Sites

  • PubChem Compound database ~ find the structure, properties, use & manufacturing, and more; from the National Center for Biotechnology Information