Below you will find links to online resources that have been chosen by Ms. Martin to help with your assignments.  Any sites with a  are Canadian.  Click on the + toggle headings below to reveal a list of recommended web sites.

General Canadian history sites:

InfoTrac’s Canada in Context ~ books, articles, photos, recommended web sites, and more…with all the citations done for you!  PLUS you can now save all documents – including your highlights and notes – to your Google drive!

 Canadian Encyclopedia ~ type your topic (e.g. radio, Group of Seven, Immigration, Prohibition) or simply “1920s” or “1930s” in the search bar.  Plus, you can look at the Timelines – and narrow down to the 1900s (drop-down on right) and then to the appropriate decade!

 The Collection – The Group of Seven ~ from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

 History of Canadian Broadcasting: News Broadcasting ~ from the Canadian Communications Foundation & Ryerson University

 Canadian Museum of History ~ online exhibitions include…

 Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 ~  try the Research or Explore tabs

 CBC Archives ~ try typing 1920s or your topic into search box (click on magnifying glass)

 CBC Radio “Our History”​

Clash of Cultures in the 1910s and 1920s ~ topics include Prohibition, Women, Immigration, The Scopes Trial

Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy 1921-1929 ~ scroll down to the “Introduction” and other links

Surviving the Dust Bowl ~ a PBS documentary related to the United States; gives a timeline, maps, and information about people & events during the depression

The 1930s from PBS~ a collection of documentaries and information about the 1930s in the United States

Looking Back at the Crash of ‘29 ~ from the New York Times; shows actual front pages of the newspapers, the week of the Crash

America in the 1930s ~ amazing site from the American Studies department at the University of Virginia (works better in a browser that supports Flash)

Research databases ~ you’ll need your InfoTrac password for these; all the citations are done for you!

Trial of Nationhood: The Great Depression and the War (1929–1945) ~ from the History of Canada eBook;

World War II portal from Canada in Context databases ~ magazine & newspaper articles, information from books, pictures, video clips, recommended web sites, and more!

Britannica School: World War II ~ you’ll need a password to access this from home (see Ms. Martin)

Salem World History database ~ Provides full-text access to biographies from the “Great Lives from History: the 20th Century” encyclopedia. Same password as InfoTrac.

Web sites

 Alternative Service in the Second World War: Conscientious Objectors in Canada: 1939-1945 ~
historical information, maps, statistics, personal reflections, how their non-military service affected our country

The Battle of the Bulge: American Experience ~ go to and search for “WWII” for other info

BBC’s History—World War II ~ an AMAZING site! Also try the “Historic Figures” tab near the top to get some biographical information on WWII leaders.

 Canada – A People’s History: the Crucible (1940-1946) ~ check out “Major Issues During This Period”, including Canada’s relationship with the United States, and “Fighting from the Home Front”

 Canadian War Museum ~ check out their online exhibitions on Propaganda (wartime posters), Democracy at War (Canadian newspapers during World War II) and “Art & War

 CBC Archives: Second World War ~ radio clips, television clips – including messages home from Canadian soldiers

 The Canadian Encyclopedia: Second Worls War ~ includes information on significant people, battles, videos, timelines and more

The History Channel: World War II

The Memory Project: stories of the second world war ~ search for specific cities OR browse through the “editor’s choices”

National Film Board: World War II ~ note that any films tagged with “Campus” will not be available for you to view

 Veterans Affairs Canada: The Second World War

Holocaust information:

Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State ~ includes interactive maps, a timeline, personal stories, and more

Genocide Under the Nazis ~ from the BBC; includes a timeline, interactive map of Auschwitz, debates over the Holocaust, etc.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum ~ includes the Holocaust Encyclopedia, online exhibitions, etc.; also try clicking on “Education – for Students” (top menu bar)

Holocaust on Trial ~ from NOVA/PBS; the companion Web site to a PBS broadcast that examines and successfully challenges the notion of Holocaust denial

Witness to the Holocaust ~ provides a brief overview of the Holocaust, liberation, and impact on survivors; transcriptions of 10 interviews with persons involved in the liberation of the concentration camps; and information about four of the camps.

Research databases ~ you’ll need your InfoTrac password for these; all the citations are done for you!

Cold War Canada ~ from the History of Canada eBook (you’ll need your infoTrac password)

In the Canada in Context database you’ll find reference materials, magazine
and newspaper articles, and more. Click here for the 1950s or 1960s – you’ll see more specific topics – or your can search for your own topic once you’re in!

Try searching all of our eBooks in the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Web sites

 CBC Archives: Cold War ~ great historical information, including television and radio clips! To do a search by decade, click on Advanced Search (at the top) and then on the Date tab.

 The Avro Arrow: Canada’s Broken Dream ~ from CBC archives

 Canadian Encyclopedia, short audio and video clips (“Historica Minutes” and “Footprints”)

BBC’s On This Day ~ search for stories that happened in any year from 1950 – the present

BBC’s The Cold War

Britannica School: Cold War ~ you’ll need a password to access this from home (see Ms. Martin)

 Cold War Canada (Canada: A People’s History) ~ in-depth articles on a Soviet spy scandal, the “red scare”, the Suez Canal crisis, and the voice of women

Cold War International History Project ~ click on Digital Archive or one of the Program Topics (left hand side)

Cold War Museum

Encyclopedia Brittanica’s Cold War

John F Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis ~ also from the BBC

NSA and the Cuban Missile Crisis ~ National Security Agency’s archive of declassified files associated with the crisis.

PBS ~ search “1950s” or “1960s”

The Presidency and the Cold War ~ from the Smithsonian Institute; click on Enter Exhibition

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s “The Story of Rock” ~ also check out The Exhibits and The Inductees

USA vs USSR ~ Crash Course in History video on the Cold War