Below you will find links to online resources that have been chosen by Ms. Martin to help with your assignments.

Proper Referencing

  • Citation Maker (MLA)
  • Sample MLA Works Cited (including List of Images Used)
    • a works cited is in alphabetical order, with hanging indents
    • For any photos you use in a PowerPoint, pamphlet or other publication, remember to number the photo in the bottom right-hand corner, and create a separate numbered List of Images Used. Do NOT cite Google Images – cite the page where the photo is posted!


Research databases & eBooks:

    • Gale Virtual Reference Library (InfoTrac) ~ houses all of our eBooks; try searching specific names or places
    • Literary Movements for Students: Gothic Literature ~ one of our eBooks…includes links for lots of other topics
    • InfoTrac’s World History in Context database ~ either type your topic in the search bar, or look under the “Events Periods and Cultural Trends” for categories (e.g. Industrial Revolution; Colonialism in the Age of Exploration) – you can then “search within results” once you’re on that page to be more specific
    • Britannica School (to access from home, this one has a different password from InfoTrac – see Ms. Martin)

Web sites:

**when you are finding information online, pay attention to WHO is posting the information and WHERE these sources are getting their information!!  If you don’t know/can’t find out, don’t use the source for research**