Here are some resources and web sites that you should find useful as you are working on your Families in Canada independent study. Remember, as you’re researching, if you have any questions, feel free to email Ms. Martin.  Need a refresher after class? Missed a class? The presentations and handouts will be posted on your Google classroom.


Any of the research skills presentations from your library class times can be found on the library’s web site. Simply click on Library -> Research Skills. Some of the tools you will need more regularly include:

 Research Databases

For a complete list of databases, check out the Library’s Online Resources section and click on Research Databases.
  • InfoTrac ~ this will be your best starting place. Be sure to use Academic OneFile, Expanded Academic ASAP, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, and the Gale Virtual Reference Library (for eBooks). Add CPIQ for Canadian information.
  • Teen Health & Wellness Database ~ a great site for browsing, plus a ton of research articles…plus they give you the citations!
  • Canadian Points of View ~ similar to Opposing Viewpoints, this database provides Points of View Essays which include a series of questions and additional material to generate further thought. This has a different password than InfoTrac – check the handout in the library.
  • KPL databases ~ the KPL also subscribes to a large number of databases. You will need a KPL library card and PIN in order to access them
  • Universities’ databases ~ if you need to supplement your research, check out the offerings from our local universities. You will need to be at one of the universities in order to search within the databases.

Web sites