PEAT program at RCSS

The Phoenix Exceptional Athlete Training program, or PEAT, is a new initiative at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School. We will be offering an enrichment program for student- athletes who demonstrate exceptional athletic potential in a given sport. Applicants to the program must also possess strong academic commitment, and be positive contributors to the Resurrection community.

The PEAT program will be open to incoming Grade 8 students, as well as current Resurrection students.

An applicant to the PEAT program:

• Is self motivated and willing to do the extra physical and academic work needed to excel in sport and educational pursuits

• Is competing towards a provincial championship or higher, outside of school, individually or as a member of a team

• Has a sound academic record in both grades and learning skills

The motivation for offering this enrichment program is to fulfill the need for a comprehensive training program for student-athletes within the Resurrection community. It is our hope that this enrichment opportunity will enhance a student-athlete’s current training program while working toward a provincial/ national/ international championship. The PEAT program will focus on developing essential transferable skills including speed, agility, endurance, power, and flexibility.


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