Do I Need to Take Academic Math?   (Download a copy of this page.)


You should always have the END in mind. What grade 12 math course(s) will be required when you apply to your college or university program? We know that;
  • You likely don’t know now, what you’ll want to study then.
  • You probably “don’t want to shut any doors” in grade 9
Starting in the Applied program won’t close any doors and you’ll still be able to pursue your desired post-secondary program. To begin, consider the pathway shown to the side.
Most students find that they do not need and, therefore, do not take the two highest courses in grade 12 math (MHF4U and MCV4U). Generally, you’ll need this level of math if you are going to study a math-related post-secondary program like engineering, science, computer-science, etc at the university level. This means that you will only need MCR3U if you plan to take those two courses. (If you start in the Applied stream, you can still get there! You are NOT shutting any doors.)
Some social-science programs will require the other grade 12 “U” math (MDM4U – Data Management) for the statistics; but you can reach that course from both the Academic and the Applied Stream also.

I don’t think that I currently have the skills that are required for the Academic pathway; but I think that I might need one of those “U” level grade 12 courses. Should I sign up for Academic anyway?
You don’t need to have the Academic skill-base today in order to end with the courses that you want. Many students choose to start in the Applied program and later move into the Academic stream. There are many entry points into the Academic stream during the first 3 years of math. Look at the pathways below for opportunities to switch streams (coloured highlights).
 Potential Options
  • 9 Applied then 9 Academic
  • 9 Applied to 10 Applied then 10 Academic
  • 9 Applied to 10 Applied then 11 U/C
  • 9 Applied to 10 Applied to 11 College then​ 11 U/C
  • 11U/C also allows you to move into MCR3U
Why would I consider this pathway ?
For some students, the skills required for the academic program may not be present by the end of grade 8. Enrolling in a course that best matches your current ability will allow you to succeed while developing your math confidence. Effectively you will build the skills that are required for future classes and whichever pathway you desire!
Talk to your grade 8 teacher or contact our school if you’d like any additional information or assistance in choosing your pathway.