Black History Month

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Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute: Viola Desmond ~ The story of Viola Desmond, an entrepreneur who challenged segregation in Nova Scotia in the 1940s. The 82nd Heritage Minute in Historica Canada’s collection
 Being Black in Canada ~ a video from the CBC
  Black in Canada ~ search for profiles by clicking on Filter Profiles and then choosing an area of interest (e.g. Science & Tech, Law & Justice, Government, Sports & Fashion, etc.)

 Black History Canada ~ an annotated guide to online resources on the history of Canada’s black community

 Black History Month ~ from the federal Government’s Citizenship and Immigration web site

   Ontario Black History Society ~ check out the menu on the left side for Contemporary Profiles, Historical Profiles, information about the Underground Railroad, Historical Places, and more

 Celebrating Black History ~ from CBC Archives; includes television and radio clips from the 1940s to the present day

 The Underground Railroad: Escape from Slavery ~ follow a young slave as he flees a Kentucky plantation for Canada along the Underground Railroad

 Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada ~ from Library and Archives Canada; includes original documents

National Museum of African American History & Culture ~ the brand-new Smithsonian museum in Washington DC; fascinating collection of objects and stories

PBS’ Black Culture Connection ~ a resource and guide to films, stories and voices across public television centred around Black history & culture

African American History Month ~ from Britannica School (outside of the school, you will need a password – see the handout in the library or ask Ms. Martin)

The History Channel presents Black History Month ~ “A rememberance to the important people and events in African-American history”

In Motion: the African-American migration experience ~ describes the migrations of black people from around the world to the United States

Voices from the Days of Slavery – Former Slaves Tell Their Stories ~ audio clips of interviews of former slaves

Underground Railway ~ an interactive trip along the Underground Railway

Aboard the Underground Railroad: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary

Black History Month ~ from the Academy of American Poets

Academy of Achievement ~ biographies of people who have shaped our world

For even more ideas, check out the WCDSB Virtual Learning Commons Black History Guide