Below you will find links to online resources that have been chosen by Ms. Martin to help with your assignments.

People of Good Character

Before you get started, download the  Research Notes worksheet to keep track of all of the research you collect! Save a copy to your G drive.
Don’t forget to cite your sources…use the Citation Maker (MLA)  to create your citations.
You need to create a Works Cited, with citations in alphabetical order, using hanging indents.
For any photos you use in your presentation, remember to number the photo in the bottom right-hand corner, and create a separate numbered List of Images Used. Do NOT cite Google Images – cite the page where the photo is posted!
Here’s a Works Cited – MLA example (including a List of Images Used) to use as a reference.  Here’s the presentation that shows you how to do parenthetical references and your List of Images Used.

Research Databases:

Recommended Web Sites: