The Resurrection Student Activities Council (SAC) 2021-2022 are very excited to welcome you back to school in September 2021. After a remarkable year, we will put our best efforts forward to support you in transition to the new school year. SAC is here to support everyone and ensure you feel a sense of belonging at Rez. From planning school events, taking on initiatives, to simply making you feel welcomed, we are here for you.

Please also visit our Instagram page @rescss or Twitter @ResCSS for regular updates once the school year begins!

We always welcome your ideas. Please feel free to pitch us your ideas by emailing us or finding SAC members through different means (i.e. school email).

Student Activities Council 2021-2022

Faculty Advisor: Carrie Kamta

Co-Presidents: Dami Bali & Jocelyn Gallo

Ministry of Communications 

Minister of Communications: Jozef Magolon

Social Media Representative: Sophie Truong

Technology Representative: Alissa Krizhanovsky

Productions Representatives: Ethan DaSilva-Pinto & Cheeun Kim

Ministry of Special Events 

Minister of Special Events: Kaitlyn Banton

Special Events Representative: Avery Routhier

Dance Representative: Liv Brasil

Ministry of Simple Celebrations 

Minister of Simple Celebrations: Anna Kowalczyk

Simple Celebrations Representatives: Hanna Tyc, Alexandra Menko & Jade Lankowski

Ministry of Student Voice 

Ministers of Student Voice: Gabriela Nielsen & Andrew Ferrara

Athletic Representatives: Sebastian Rapacki & Drew Targosz

Arts Representatives: Lauren Ferrara & Karina Magolon

Music Representative: Laura MacFarlane

Outreach Representative: Zoe McCabe 

Spirit Representative: Tea Lucic

Grade Nine Community Leader: Sophia Monteiro

Ministry of Faith in Action

Minister of Faith in Action: Cole Dorscht

Faith in Action Representative: Emma Smerechanski, Kate Reinhart, & Jordan Heseltine

Ministry of Social Justice 

Minister of Social Justice: Rahwa Alemu

Fundraising Representative: Lara Lehner

Social Change Representatives: Sham Isak & Alicia Jemetio

Inclusivity Representatives: Tina Jang & Olivia Hickson 

Ministry of Healthy Schools 

Minister of Healthy Schools: Sierra Philippi

Mental Health & Wellness Representative: Emma Hindicki & Ashley Buendia

Ministry of Community Affairs 

Ministers of Community Affairs: Isabelle Beaulieu & Abby White

Community Affairs Representatives: Sloan Stark, Christina Nguyen, Cecily Erwin, & Katerina Bogdanovich 

SAC Associates 

Tommy Allen 

Alexandra Chivu 

Leah Ferguson

Kodi Blackshaw

Darah Mammoli

Daphne Jones

Ava Mazza

Maria Zumot

Riley Mcturk

Ines Almeida