Click here to fill out an application to be a part of the 2018/2019 Student Council!

In ​the interest of developing spirit and pride in our school, Student Council, organized by constitution, sponsors and organizes many co-instructional activities throughout the year.  Student fees paid at registration go towards school hour activities, special events and assemblies, and co-curricular sports events.  This fee also entitles every student to a Student ID.  

It is encouraged that students give consideration to becoming involved in the various activities, clubs, sports teams and dances that are offered at Resurrection.  Individual students, as well as the community at large, benefit from involvement in school activities.  New clubs and committees are always welcomed; please see the Student Activities Director for more information on starting a new club or activity.

The Student Council is lead by Co-presidents who are selected by the student body the previous year during an election process.  Student Council Co-presidents appoint applicants to various positions on Student Council after interviewing each applicant individually.

To contact Student Council, email or stop by the Student Council office located in the forum, near the University Ave. doors.  ​