Conflict Mediation:

We offer a service to students and staff who may find themselves in conflict with another person and wish to have assistance in reaching reconciliation. If you find that you have been in conflict with another person and would like assistance in resolving the dispute, see a counsellor in the Guidance office. Trained student mediators are ready to help you.

Assemblies / Liturgies:

Assemblies/ Liturgies are compulsory for all students. They are either an extension of Ministry curriculum, or the building and strengthening of our school community. During assemblies teachers actively supervise their respective students to ensure a favourable outcome for our whole community. Any absence from an assembly without permission is reported as TRUANCY to the Attendance Office.

Assessment and Evaluation:

Students are responsible for providing evidence of their achievement of the overall expectations within the time frame specified by the teacher and in the form approved by the teacher. Consequences for not completing assignments, submitting work late, cheating and plagiarism are outlined in Board policy (APC 017) and can be found on the board website. Late and missed assignments may also be noted on the report card as part of the evaluation of the student’s learning skills and work habits.