All students, especially those involved in athletic competitions, are strongly encouraged to have some form of insurance to cover injuries and accidents.
Report any accident to the Attendance office or nearest teacher immediately.  Resurrection Catholic Secondary School is not directly involved other than to provide the application form for insurance.

Students are welcome to eat lunch in the cafeteria or the outside eating areas.  Please keep these areas clean.  Eating and drinking is not allowed in the halls, forum or classroom at any time.  Students may not eat lunches in the forum.

Emergency fire drills are conducted a minimum of six times per year.  The fire alarm is to be taken seriously at all times.  When the alarm rings, everyone assumes there is an emergency and leaves the building quickly via the assigned exit for each room and proceeds to the designated area at least fifty (50) metres from the school.  Students remain outside until the school bell is rung twice.  Lockdown drills will be conducted periodically throughout the year.

Students will be issued a locker to be used until they graduate or resign from Resurrection. 
Lockers are the property of the school and subject to a search at any time.  While the search of a locker is a rare event, the school administration has a legal obligation to provide a safe environment for all.  If information is received that a locker may contain drugs, weapons or contraband, it will be searched.  It is expected that the student assist in the search or be present if possible.  Where the student is a minor, we will endeavour to make contact with the parent/guardian following the search.

All students are to use only the locker assigned to them.  For security reasons, individual combinations are to be kept confidential.  Administration keeps a record of all combinations.  Students are to use locks sold by the school only.  Any non-school lock may be cut off.  While students may use the lockers provided, they remain the property of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board and are to be treated with care.  Students will be charged for any damage to their lockers.   All problems with locks and lockers should be reported to the Main Office.

Students may only park their cars in the designated parking area; Main Lot, from closest to the tennis courts to half way to the school and Lower Lot facing the field.

The school is not responsible for any damage done to student cars while parked on school property, including the technology compound.  Students are advised to keep car doors locked.
For the safety and care of both students and vehicles, students are not to gather or loiter around the cars or parking lots.
Safe driving practices are an expectation and the speed limit on school property is 20 km/h.  Failure to comply with any of the above can mean withdrawal of parking privileges.

Lost or stolen property must be reported immediately to the Main Office.  A theft report will be completed and, if necessary, the police contacted.  The school will assist in recovering lost or stolen property, but will not be responsible for replacing it.  To prevent theft, students should not bring valuable items or large sums of money to school.  The school is not responsible for any articles left in desks.  
Please leave all your valuables in your locker and be sure your combination is secure.

Found articles are to be brought to the Main Office.  Please check the Lost and Found if you are missing personal property.  Unclaimed articles are donated to charitable organizations.

While we encourage parents to visit the school, we ask that students discourage their friends from visiting them during the school day.  Schools are private property and permission is needed from the administration of the school for people to be on the property for a lawful purpose.  Visitors to the school are directed by signs at each entrance to immediately come to the Main Office to seek permission to be on the school property.  Those who violate the law can be charged under the Trespass Property Act.