In this policy, only a reasonable number of school related activities will be considered acceptable absences.  Students recognized for good attendance will receive points per semester toward a Merit Award given in June each year.

Required if Absent:

A parent/guardian is required to contact the school on the day of the absence to verify the absence and support the school in ensuring student safety.  For convenience, an answering machine is available for messages 24 hours/day (519-741-8542).

The attendance office is unable to accept text messages as a way of signing students in or out of school.

 If a parent/guardian phones the school on the day of the absence upon their return to school the student will go directly to class. An Admit Slip is not required.

 Communication between a parent and the attendance office must be made before the student can return to class.  If NO communication is made then a T.I.P. appointment will be issued.  An Admit Slip will be required for the student to be readmitted to class.

Validation of Absences for 18-Year Olds That Have Waived Our Communication with Their Parents:

Students who are 18 are required to verify their own absences in a timely manner.  Administration reserves the right to rescind this privilege at any time. Verified absences would then need to be provided through a parent/guardian or doctor’s note. Further attendance issues may result in the withdrawal from RCSS. 

TRUANCY = being absent from class without Parental OR School approval

 A Truancy Intervention Program (T.I.P.) APPOINTMENT will be issued for all Truancies in Grade 9, 10, 11

 Leaving School During The Day:

Students who are on school property are expected to be in class.  If it is necessary for a student to sign out during the school day, he/she must report to the Attendance Office.  A note or phone call from their parent/guardian stating the reason and time is required before the student may be signed out.

  • If a student leaves the school without signing out, it is considered a TRUANCY. 
  • If a student is in school and not in class, it is considered TRUANCY.  This truancy can not be cleared by parental approval.

Should an emergency situation arise or a student becomes ill, he or she needs to report to the Attendance and a parent is notified before leaving the school.

Teacher Action :  When a student reaches 5 days absent in a class, the teacher will make contact with home to inform a parent/guardian about their concern.

Support/Intervention/Follow-up is teacher directed. Seeking assistance from guidance (case manager), SST, administration may be appropriate.

S ST Action :  When a student reaches 10 days absent the teacher will make c​ontact with the parent/guardian. Teachers will forward this information to Guidance (case manager), SST in order to initiate support for the student. The counsellor/SST will meet with the student to discuss their attendance and report back to the teacher about their interactions/strategies for reintegrating the student back into the class.

Support/Intervention/Direction/Follow-up from guidance (case manager) and SST is teacher directed.

At this point, a 10 day letter will be sent to parent/guardian via guidance and administration.

Administrator Action : When a student reaches 15 days absent in a class, “Progressive Discipline” action(s) will be taken by the administrator. The teacher will make contact with the administrator.

Teacher/Guidance/SST support : The SST and Guidance (case manager) will be informed by Administration.

Extended Holiday

Parents are discouraged from permitting absence for any reason other than illness or emergency.  Parents who choose to remove their adolescent from school for extended holidays MUST complete and submit an “Intent to be Absent” form available at the Attendance Office at least one week prior to the intended absence.  Students are responsible for making arrangements regarding missed work with their teachers and submit assignments due during the scheduled absence before departure.  Please be mindful that accumulated absences will have an effect on academic progress.

Final Evaluation Attendance:

Final evaluations for a course may include more than one assessment strategy and are often completed during class time in the few weeks leading up to the Exam Days.  Withdrawing a student during these evaluation periods is strongly discouraged and may result in a zero for all or part of the final evaluation activities. Exam deferral MAY be considered ONLY for extenuating circumstances.   No summative evaluations will be written prior to their scheduled time.  Students should contact their Guidance Counsellor to complete the alternative final evaluation form.  If a student is ill during the final evaluation, he/she will require a medical certificate.