Japanese LKJBDI

This course is designed to enable students to begin to communicate with native speakers of the Japanese language. Students will use simple language and read age and language appropriate passages for various purposes. They will explore aspects of the culture of Japan, including anime movies, social customs and the arts, by participating in cultural events and activities involving both print and technological resources.
TYPE: Academic

O – East Asian Studies, Open IDC3OI

This course takes the form and aims of an interdisciplinary programme and examines intercultural questions and competencies through the lens of East Asia. Recognizing the world as an interdependent and interconnected network of communities, this course fosters student learning through individual and collaborative inquiry and research, students will analyse the connections among diverse subjects and disciplines; develop information literacy skills in analysing, selecting, evaluating, and communicating information; and become aware of a variety of resources and viewpoints on contemporary issues. Students can best respond to a changing world with innovation, leadership, and a confident sense of their place in the world.
TYPE: Open