Date: Tuesday, June 11


Venue: The Centre in the Square (MAP:


Time to Arrive: Graduates should arrive at the Centre at 5:00 pm (You will not be able to enter the theatre if you arrive earlier)


Rehearsal: 5:15 pm (By this time, you need to be in your specific seat in the Centre…not just arriving.)


Break: The rehearsal should finish before 6:00.  You will have about a half an hour to get your gown, use the washroom and make your way back to your designated seat.

Guests may enter the foyer between 6:00-6:30.

Guests may enter the theatre/auditorium between 6:30-7:00


Ceremony: 7:00 SHARP (usually lasts about 1.5 hours)

NOTES: (Please see a member of the Grad Committee if you have any concerns)

  • Please do not bring items with you that you do not intend to bring on stage during the ceremony. (e.g. cameras, purses, bags, etc) There is no coat check or holding-room for these items.
  • Eat prior to your arrival.  There won’t be time between rehearsal and the ceremony to leave for food.
  • There is absolutely no smoking/vaping while wearing the rented graduation gowns.
  • You will be required to walk several flights of stairs during the rehearsal, as well as when we begin the ceremony.  Consider your shoes carefully. (Accommodations will be made for students, if necessary)