Dear Resurrection Community,

Easter greetings to all of you and your families.  In looking back, it is amazing to think about how very different masses and celebrations were last year at this time.  Here we are, on the verge of celebrating the end of Lent and welcoming back our Easter.

In these times of social and physical distancing, protocols, inconveniences, we draw upon our Catholic community to continue to guide and help us maintain hope and positivity that this too shall pass, as we look to brighter moments ahead.  In our morning announcements this week, we discussed how important it is to find “tiny sparks” or “hits of hope to keep us moving along. 

Thank you for your commitment to our school community.  Take good care of yourselves as we know how important your mental and physical well-being is for your family and all who depend on you. Have a blessed Easter.


Please see below a special Easter message from our Director Loretta Notten.

Easter Community Ltr 2021-04-01 (002)