A Message from Our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

Overall, it has been an outstanding start to the school year at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.  We began the year with a new online student registration process and with the exception of a few hiccups with our Cash Online system, we felt this approach proved beneficial.  The members of the Student Activity Council were a significant help in the registration process as they assisted more than 1400 students register within two days.   Our Phoenix Friends have proven to be exceedingly helpful as they continue to mentor our most recent Phoenix, our Grade 9 students.  The Phoenix Friends and our SAC students hosted a well spirited opening barbeque and dance where all of our Grade nines had an opportunity to build community and get to know each other.

The Leadership Team feels extremely grateful to the more than twenty new staff members who have joined us this year and for their willingness to share their gifts with our students both in and out of the classroom.  Resurrection is proud to offer a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities to our students and our Grade 9 students had a first hand glimpse of all that Resurrection has to offer during the Co-curricular Fair.

Resurrection will continue to keep student safety as our number one priority with a focus on student achievement.  Our teachers have been invited to get to know each student in their classes, their interests, learning styles, readiness and cultural background in order to engage them.

The highlight of the year thus far has been the Pilgrimage of the Cross and opening school mass where our entire school community had the opportunity to put our faith into action by taking a walk with the Pilgrimage Cross from Holy Rosary to our school  (please see our school website for video coverage of this event).  This year’s focus is on the Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education, Renewing the Promise.  The Gospel passage, the Road to Emmaus will provide the foundation for our year where Jesus accompanies us along our journey.  “Our Christ-centred Catholic schools have the ability to offer the same experience of inviting discipleship for staff, students, and families” (A Pastoral Letter for Catholic Education, 2018).  We look forward to the amazing year ahead!

Chaplain’s Corner

by Marianna Worth

Welcome to this new school year of learning, growing and building together! The Resurrection Community had the phenomenal opportunity to begin our year with the Pilgrimage Cross. Over the past year, this cross has travelled to every school and parish within the Waterloo Catholic District School Board, and finally made it to us on September 19th. Every student and staff member were invited outside, to form a pilgrimage route, connecting Resurrection CSS and Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School who walked the cross out to meet us on the road, just like in the Gospel.  After Mass was finished, the cross was placed in the forum to be with our community, in our everyday space…right in the centre of it all. This was a powerful symbol of Christ’s love for us, in the centre of our lives, in our sorrow and in our joy. This massive Cross was absorbed into the action in the forum, like it belonged there, a real part of who we are as a community. The students were so respectful and were truly moved by the whole experience of the day!

To go on a pilgrimage is to be part of a long and respectable history almost two thousands years old. Human beings have through all times been searching for many different things…for their origin, for closeness to eternity, to seek healing and transformation, answers to questions, or to be closer to holiness. The goal of ones pilgrimage is very important, and so really the path is only a means for arriving at that place. Day two of the Pilgrimage Cross being in our midst, we set up the cross in the Chapel, with a long path with stones leading toward it’s centre. Hanging on the cross, was the beautiful painting of the Walk to Emmaus Story which was there to remind us that if our eyes and hearts are open, we can see that Christ walks with us, even in our times of struggle. All staff and students were welcomed to come before school, during lunch and after school and pray before the cross, in quiet contemplation. Every 20 minutes, sessions were held for each religion class throughout the day on the re-telling of the Walk to Emmaus, on the concept of what our own pilgrimages might be, and the Pilgrim’s Prayer by Thomas Merton. Students had time to listen, to reflect and to pray with the Pilgrimage Cross and journey in contemplative silence back to their classrooms as they continued their reflections.

Day three of the Pilgrimage Cross, had the cross placed back in the Forum once again, on the PA Day for staff to reflect and pray around the cross one last time. The Cross was set up with a very large pilgrimage path leading toward it, with stones, and flowers marking the end of our pilgrimage.

As well, on the cross, we placed a letter from our community to Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic Elementary School wishing them peace as they receive the cross from us. This was so special and meaningful for our staff to be able to begin our PD Day with prayer and contemplation around the Pilgrimage Cross. Together we reflected on how Christ walks with us, and teaches us to accompany each other as we meet the faces of Christ in those we serve in our every day as Catholic educators, and as community.

And so, as we move through our social justice initiatives, our gatherings, and liturgies, we walk the way of love together with Christ. We are pilgrim’s on the road to a greater understanding of how we are stronger together as we create a culture of peace and love and compassion….meeting the face of Christ along the road.


Guidance News

by Sean Kritz

Guidance Counsellors

Counsellor Alpha
Sean Kritz A – C
Nadine Iley D – E   &

International Students

Laurie Stimson F – McI
Ann Hummel McK – S
Sean Kritz T – Z


Grade 12 and Postsecondary Options

Navigating information regarding the many and varied options for post-secondary education can be a daunting and overwhelming task for both students and parents. Counsellors met with Grade 12 classes to review the application process and opportunities to gather information about Universities and Colleges. If you, and your sons and daughters are struggling with the wide variety of decisions available, consider taking advantage of the following opportunities:

  1. Attend one of the many individual college or university presentations that are being hosted here at the school. These presentations take place at various times during the school day and provide an excellent window into all that different schools have to offer. A full list of University and College presentations is available at http://bit.ly/visits-2018  
  2. College Fair at Conestoga College (Doon Campus) will take place on October 17, 5:30-7:30pm  & October 18, 10:30am – 1:00pm. Representatives from all Ontario Colleges will be available to answers questions about their campuses and their programs.
  3. Research your options and get the most up to date information on-line. For college information go to www.ontariocolleges.ca and for university information go to www.electronicinfo.ca Both of these sites contain a wealth of information on programs and requirements.
  4. Join our remind group for Grade 12 information at     

Take Our Kids to Work  is on Nov 14, 2018

This is an annual event which involves students in Grade 9 spending the day in the workplace of a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host, where they experience and learn about the world of work.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to invite their children to join them at work, but if this is not possible, there are other ways for your child to participate:

  • Ask a relative, neighbour, or family friend to take your child to work.
  • Ask another parent, such as a parent of your child’s friend who is taking their child to work, if your child can join them for the day.
  • Contact local businesses and ask if they are participating in Take Our Kids to Work day. Inquire if someone within their organization would be willing to host your child, providing you make the necessary transportation arrangements.

More info at  www.thelearningpartnership.ca
Walk–In Counselling Available  “Front Door”

Do you have concerns about your teenager’s behavior, emotional state, or mental health? Are you concerned about possible self-harm or drug use issues? Are these issues creating family conflict for you? The Walk-In Counselling at Front Door helps families with children up to 18 years of age to get started on the road to understanding. Through a single family counselling session, the experienced counsellors there help identify issues and equip families with tools and strategies to address their concerns. The focus of the session is determined by each family’s unique needs. Front door  is located at 770 King Street E., Kitchener. Walk-In counselling hours are Saturdays: 9am-3:30pm and Wednesday: 12pm – 6:30pm. Appointments are available on a first come basis and are free of charge. Family member directly involved in the concern are encouraged to attend. http://www.frontdoormentalhealth.ca/

Twitter @RCSSguidance


The Arts

by Leah Ann Erickson, Christine Bencina, Lisa Lamont, Julia Drake and Laureen Damaren


Rez performing artists have started the year off with plenty of Rezazz and Pizzazz! Ms. Damaren and the Resurrection Dance Team are dancing up a storm, Ms. Drake is working behind the scenes with the Resurrection Technical Theatre Union and the Rez Music rooms are cranked up after school with the Sr. Band OWNING Bruno Mars, and really showing their “All- Star” status with a little Smash Mouth. Jr Band is getting their 90’s Grunge on with a little “Brain Stew”, while Flute Choir is hitting all the high notes with Coldplay in three part harmony. The Show Choir hasn’t missed a beat with Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman.

On stage the Senior Drama class just organized one fabulous variety show “Rezazz”.  Their “Theatre for Change” unit gave the students the opportunity to research, explore and present a social issue that was important to them in the hopes that it would create some thoughtful moments for their audience.  In music class, Grade 9/10 rock stars have been making some “meme-ories” by composing meme sound bites and getting rhythmic with delicious turkey RAPS. Guitarists have been strumming up a storm by remixing some Beethoven and writing some tunes using sampling. While the vocal music classes have been refining their singing and rhythm talents in the form of a theme-tastic music medley.


There’s always plenty of Lights, Camera and Action!

Next Steps

Behind the scenes the dance team, actors, and musicians have started rehearsing for our Remembrance Day Assembly that will take place on the Resurrection stage on Friday November 9th.  As well the Dance Team is preparing a “Girl Power” performance to get Rez School Spirit cranking for the up and coming Pep Rally and KW Bowl on Oct 24th.  But the craziness doesn’t stop there!!!

Start to put together your Halloween costumes because the drama department will be hosting a thrilling Haunted House again this year on the stage.  Finally, our performing artists are looking forward to traveling to St. Benedict’s for our WCDSB Secondary School Performing Arts Showcase at the beginning of November.

What’s Happening in the Visual Arts?

Commissioned Artwork for St. Vincent de Paul School

Jasmine Reimer, a grade 11 student, was commissioned over the summer to create a drawing for the grand opening of St. Vincent de Paul School in Cambridge.  She was able to bring to life an image of St. Vincent de Paul welcoming St. Francis, encapsulating the vision of Principal Susan Sawyer, since the new school was a combination of both St. Francis and St. Vincent de Paul students. The drawing is located currently in the foyer but eventually will be permanently displayed in the chapel.

Art Club


Art Club continues to run daily from Monday to Friday in room 105 at lunch. It is a quiet space for students to come, eat their lunch and work on their art.  Students in any grade, art students and non-art students are invited to come and sketch on their own or work on a current art project. See Ms. Erickson for more details.








Live Art returns on December 6th, 2018! Come and watch Resurrection students in Comtech, Cosmetology and Visual Arts working “live” in the Forum at lunch. Students will be drawing, painting, working sound boards and lighting, doing a photo shoot along with exploring special effects make-up, updo’s and nail art! See Ms. Erickson, Ms. Drake, Mr. Forndran or Ms. Heldman if you would like to participate! Spirit wear will be available to order soon – check the school website.




Former Resurrection Art Student Visits Grade 12 Portfolio Development Class

Allysa Misola, a Global Studies and Digital Arts major at the University of Waterloo, came to visit in September. She shared with the class information about her program along with tips and suggestions for building a strong portfolio of artwork for application to post-secondary art programs.from Conestoga College Animation Program

Alice Sinkner came to visit the grade 12 portfolio development course in September. Alice, a graduate of Sheridan College’s Animation program, has gained a wealth of knowledge in the field of digital animation, classical animation, book illustration and portfolio development.  Alice was able to share samples of various animation work that both inspired and informed the students.






Arts Council 2018-19

A new year and a new group of talented students that are making up the Arts Council.  Arts Council is a club that helps promote events in the arts and in the school. We create banners, as well as design posters, tickets and spirit wear for teams and clubs.

Visitors from Conestoga College Animation Program

Alice Sinkner came to visit the grade 12 portfolio development course in September. Alice, a graduate of Sheridan College’s Animation program, has gained a wealth of knowledge in the field of digital animation, classical animation, book illustration and portfolio development.  Alice was able to share samples of various animation work that both inspired and informed the students.

Peter Etril Snyder Painting at Resurrection


In 2012 Resurrection CSS was fortunate to have world renowned artist Peter Etril Snyder create an artwork to be displayed in the school. Peter was born in Waterloo and is known for his iconic depictions of barn-raisings, hay gathering, apple picking that came to represent the Mennonite way of life. The process of creating the artwork was captured on video by our Comtech students and made into a DVD available to school libraries. Students had the chance to come a watch the artist work in person as well as ask questions pertaining to his style, approach and sources of inspiration. His painting has been installed in the art wing of the school where his legacy and memory will continue to live on. What a blessing this has been to our school.





Resurrection’s Annual Christmas Cards – purchase your own set created by our grade 12 art students – available to order November 2018

LIVE Art – Dec 6th

Christmas Concert and Art Showcase – Dec 13th

Commissioned Artwork for St. Vincent de Paul School

Jasmine Reimer, a grade 11 student, was commissioned over the summer to create a drawing for the grand opening of St. Vincent de Paul School in Cambridge.  She was able to bring to life an image of St. Vincent de Paul welcoming St. Francis, encapsulating the vision of Principal Susan Sawyer, since the new school was a combination of both St. Francis and St. Vincent de Paul students. The drawing is located currently in the foyer but eventually will be permanently displayed in the chapel.



by Tom Schneider

The Fall Season has begun for the Resurrection Phoenix. Coaches and athletes have been hard at work since the start of September. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Varsity Boys and Girls Golf captured the District 8 Title
  • Varsity Boys Tennis captured the District 8 Title
  • Junior Boys Football and Junior Boys Volleyball remain undefeated
  • Cross Country has had strong showings at 3 meets including Abbey Yuhasz winning the Pre-Ofsaa meet at Christie Lake Conservation Area
  • Varsity Girls Field Hockey remains in 1st place as they go for their 10th consecutive District 8 Title

Students Helping Students

by Kishanie Jayasundera

The students of Resurrection have formed a “Students Helping Students” club to help support their peers in their academics.  Student can sign up through our Rez instagram bio, or come directly to room 109.  This initiative is completely student driven and will run on Monday & Wednesday after school and Thursday at lunch.

Please encourage students to utilize this great service in any course(s) they may need some additional support in.


School and Community Connections


Pathways Night is taking place on Wednesday November 14th from 6-8:30.  See attached form for more details.



We are very excited to have Dr. Adele Lafrance coming to Waterloo Region – Don’t miss out, reserve your spot now!  This event will be open to the entire WCDSB community, so if you know a parent/caregiver who might appreciate a fresh perspective on how to get “unstuck” in a challenging relationship with their child/teen, please share the attached flyer.  Registration on ERO for staff, and via judy.aitcheson@wcdsb.ca for all non-staff.

Emotion-Focused School Support

November 7th, 2018  5:00pm-8:30pm

St. Benedict Secondary School  (caf)

Dr. Adele Lafrance

Clinical Psychologist

Parents and school staff have a tremendous opportunity to influence the emotional development of children and teens.  Given that a regulated physiology is critical for learning, education and skills will be provided in:

1) regulating child/adolescent emotion to facilitate a “return to learning.”

2) preventing emotional escalations.

3) de-escalating outbursts in progress.

Workshop participants will also learn to respond to statements like: “I don’t want to go to school”; “I know you don’t like me”; and “I’m terrible at math” in a way that is compassionate and productive.

Can’t make it on Nov 7th, but interested to learn more about the model?  Check out the free one-hour webinar at https://emotionfocusedschoolsupport.com/home

Adele Nov 2018 flyer.pdf


The Government recently launched its promised consultations on Ontario’s education system.

Attachments: https://wcdsbca.sharepoint.com/Lists/Administrator Announcements/Attachments/554/Provincial Government Consultations on the Education System.docx


Dates to Remember:

October 17 – Awards Night

October 17 – Progress Report Distribution

October 22 – Election Day – Municipal

October 24 – Photo Re-take Day

October 25 – Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

October 26 – P.D. Day

October 31 – Halloween / Civies Day

November 8 – Term 2 Begins Career/Civics

November 9 – Remembrance Mass

November 14 – Take our kids to Work Day

November 14 – Pathways Night 6-8:30

November 14 – Grade 8 Day



November 16 – P.D. Day

November 21 – Mid Term Progress Report Distribution

November 8  – Homecoming Dance

November 26 to 30 – Rez Reads Week

November 28 – Grade 8 Open House

November 28 – Civvies Day


December 4 – Grade 7/8 Vocal Day

December 6 – Live Art at Lunch

December 7 – P. A. Day

December 13 – Advent Mass

December 13 – Arts Night & Christmas Concert

December 19 – Civvies Day


December 21 -Christmas Assembly

December 24 to Jan 4 – Christmas Break