A Message From Our Leadership Team- March Update

by Chris Woodcroft

Snow, Snow, Snow!!! The second semester start up has been a little chaotic with our snow days and bus cancellation days but Resurrection is maximizing the learning opportunities that arise from these types of snow events.  It has been beneficial for all the students who make an effort to attend on the bus cancellation days and receive enhanced teacher-pupil ratio attention.  Being able to dig deeper into the curriculum, receive extra support for difficult concepts as well as get caught up on work are all opportunities that these days provide.

We have just completed our Pathways Night, Course Selection In-services and the Innovative Program Parent Nights.  Our Pathways Nights were geared to our incoming grade nine families for September 2019.  We had three separate nights where the exceptional school and board programs were highlighted.  Our Guidance Program Area have completed course selection presentations for all grade 8 through grade 12 students.  Our scheduling and staffing will follow next based on those course selections your sons or daughters selected.  We have also had information sessions for our Innovation and Learning Program for grade tens (four credit, integrated package involving English, History, Religion and Career and Civics).  Our grade ten Italgione Attreverso L’Innovazionne (IAL) combines Introductory Italian and Religion with an opportunity to go on Italy in the spring of 2020.  Our Service Learning Program is a three credit package which has a grade 11/12 target audience where we will be combining Religion and Equity and Social Justice along with an external coop credit and will culminate with a service learning experience in Kenya.

As many of you are, we are looking forward to more sunshine, day light and warmer weather.  As spring approaches so do new opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  We continue to encourage all students to embrace the co-curricular opportunities that are offered as we know this not only enhances their experiences but it has been proven to increase student achievement.  This year we will be hosting the Bishop’s Banquet at Resurrection on Tuesday, May 14th which has been traditionally hosted at the Catholic Education Centre.  This Centre is temporarily closing for the next 6 months for renovation.  We are thrilled to be able to showcase our community at this event.  If you are interested in attending all ticket information can be found at the Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation website.

We wish each of you a wonderful March Break and look forward to our Lenten Season,

 Your Leadership Team,

Ms. Craftchick, Ms. Munroe and Mr. Woodcroft


 Guidance News

by Sean Kritz

College or University Financial Assistance

Financial help for students attending university and college in 2019-20. Is your child making plans to attend college or university next fall? Visit www.Ontario.ca/OSAP to see what financial aid is available to help pay for tuition and other expenses.

Community Service Hours

It is a requirement of graduation that each student complete 40 hours of community service. There are many opportunities to fulfill this requirement. Check out www.volunteerkw.ca

 OECTA Waterloo Bursary

The main purpose of this program is to provide financial assistance to our graduating secondary students who are continuing in their education. All students completing their studies at any Catholic Secondary School in Waterloo Region may be eligible to submit an application. All awards will be made based on the expressed financial needs of the students and within the financial limitations of our Waterloo Unit. Applications are available in Guidance and are due by MAY 24th, 2019.


OSSLT Update

by Leisha Craftchick and Kishanie Jayasundera

Our Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is taking place on Wednesday March 27th, 2019.  Please review the following information which includes a notice regarding a schedule change, literacy help sessions and transportation information.

OSSLT _Letter for ALL students of Schedule REZ

Schedule for Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

7:55am                      Warning Bell

8:10am – 11:20am       Literacy Test Administration (for students writing ONLY)

11:20am – 12:00pm     Lunch

12:05pm – 1:05pm       Period 3 Class (ALL Grade 9 and 10 Students)

Period 3 Study Hall *(ALL Grade 11 and 12 Students) or Work at Home

1:10 – 2:10pm              Period 4 Class (ALL Grade 9 and 10 Students)

Period  4 Study Hall *(ALL Grade 11 and 12 Students) or Work at Home

*Study Hall for Grade 11 is in the Lecture Hall – Grade 12 in the Cafeteria


There are a number of supports that are being offered to our entire student body to help ensure their success on the upcoming OSSLT.

 After School Literacy help Sessions – Every Thursday from 2:30-3:30 in The Library

OSSLT Google Classroom Code: su78no

Resurrection Literacy Website: https://bit.ly/2kvg2Ug

 OSSLT Blitz Week – All Grade 10 students will be receiving OSSLT based lessons in all of their classes

Monday, March 18th  → Period 1

Tuesday, March 19th → Period 2

Wednesday, March 20th  → Period 3

Thursday March 21st → Period 4

Friday, March 22nd → Period 1

Monday, March 25th → Period 2

Tuesday, March 26th → Period 3


“OSSLT Be Ready“ Presentations

Members of our literacy team will be making presentations to all Period 2 Grade 10 classes regarding the details of the OSSLT


Students Helping Students – Led by our Peer Tutors

Senior students from our Peer Tutoring group will be using their spare periods to offer withdrawal support to students who require additional support(s)

OSSLT Bus Schedule 

RES_OSSLT_Bus_Schedule_for 27 Mar 2019_School Copy


Innovative Learning Courses

by Laureen Dameren

Resurrection Students are impacting the world through action, justice and service. Next year, students have the opportunity to be involved in a two-credit service learning course that involves participation in local community learning experiences to better understand social justice and equity. Students will further earn a co-op credit for their hours of service. Finally, as part of the Service Learning Program students will be partnering with the Me to We organization to travel to Kenya for 11 days wherein they will be building relationships with the communities in Kenya and contributing to a build project.

by Stella Paola

Italgione Attraverso L‘Innovazione is a 2-credit program that will run all year during the same period, focusing on teaching students to be curious, ask questions, explore, synthesize and create, as they meet the course expectations of Italian Level 1 and Grade Ten Religion, both at the Open Level. The Italian language components will provide opportunities for students to begin to develop and apply fundamental skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The Religious Education expectations will both invite and challenge the students to personalize the Gospel values and social justice principles that guide Catholics in understanding their role in shaping culture as disciples of Jesus.  Through innovative, thematic, project-based learning, students will develop a variety of skills necessary to be successful in the future. A combination of community guest speakers, hands-on conversation-driven activities and collaborative group tasks will foster not only engagement, but also nurture a strong sense of identity through the creation of outreach opportunities, aimed at building awareness and global competencies. A 13-day excursion to Italy (7 regions; 12 cities/towns) is being planned for March 2020. This component will provide an appreciation of culture, food, religion, art, education, etc. all while continuing to refine language skills through hands-on opportunities. 


Global Competencies in our Tech Course

by Tyrone Miller

What’s Happening in the Arts

by Our Arts Department


Our dance class and dance team are gearing up to put together their final culminating performance in May. After their first performance collectively at WE day, they are excited to bring their talent and vision to the stage!



The Religion through Drama class, in collaboration with the grade 9 Drama class and Senior music class is getting ready to perform “Hedy’s Story” on March 28th at 7:00 PM.  No tickets required, donations accepted at the door for the KW food bank and monetary donations will go toward continued Holocaust Education. Here is a brief description of what to expect that evening:

The performance “Hedy’s Story” was written and directed by our Grade 12 Religion through Drama students including original music performed and written by students. The play begins with the trial against the Auschwitz accountant Oskar Groening for which Hedy testified as a witness. Throughout the trial flashbacks of Hedy’s experience are shown as well as Oskar’s memories of becoming swept up in the German Nationalism that formed the hatred leading to decisions that resulted in his role as both accountant and sorter at Auschwitz. The student writers were inspired by Hedy’s testimony in the fall of 2017 when Hedy visited Resurrection and shared her story. They have since researched further into the experiences that happened during the Holocaust that shaped the writing process resulting in Hedy’s Story.  We invite you to join us for an intimate performance that will inspire, remember and honour Hedy Bohm.

Visual Art

Expressions 44

Each year artwork is selected from all the Waterloo Region’s elementary and secondary schools to be showcased at the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery alongside work by professional artists and work from their permanent collection.  It is an outstanding recognition to be selected for the Expressions art showcase. The exhibit runs from April 27th to  June 2nd, 2019.

This year the following students have been selected from Resurrection:

Nawal Hussein – Visual Art   

Isabel Mastrapa – Visual Art

Sarah Mathers – Photography

Karina Ortiz Garcia – Visual Art

Kayla Rischke – Visual Art

Annie Tran – Visual Art

Arts Council



Arts Council has been very busy designing banners for various events at school, spirit wear for school clubs along with working on special projects for the Catholic Education Centre. Our team looks forward to contributing to the planning, promoting and creating of awards for our Year End Arts Celebration in May. Special thanks to all the team members for their tireless efforts this year!


Art Club

Art Club continues to run Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in room 105 as a place where students can come to each lunch and work on their art. The club is open to any student who enjoys drawing and is looking for a quiet place to work. Come by anytime and bring your sketchbook!


Professional Artist from Waterloo Visits

The Grade 11 Visual Art class was very privileged to have Robert Wanka visit their class on March 4th. Robert began his career as an illustrator, then moved to Art Director and finally to portrait artist.  He lead a figure drawing session for the senior art students discussing in detail the creative process and demonstrating drawing technique. This was a tremendous opportunity for these students to meet a local professional artist and watch them at work!


Former Resurrection Art Students Visit

It is always a proud moment to have former students return and talk about their new experiences in various post-secondary art programs across the province. Their insight and newly gained expertise has proven a huge benefit to the up and coming artists looking to apply to art schools in the near future. Resurrection art students have gone on into various fine art, photography and graphic design programs ranging from Conestoga, UW, OCAD, Ryerson, Sheridan, Guelph, and Ottawa to name a few.

In late February, Nick Spitzl, returned to visit our grade 11 art class. Nick is in his 3rd year at the University of Waterloo. He is currently doing a minor in fine arts with hopes of getting a teaching degree in the near future. Nick discussed the Fine Art program in detail and shared his diverse and highly skilled portfolio of studio work.


On March 1st, Oman Akot, returned to visit our grade 11 visual art class. He is in his second year at Sheridan’s Visual and Creative Arts Program. Oman shared his current projects with the class and offered advice when applying to the program.


Live Art is happening again! Mark the date – Friday April 26th. This special live event is a collaboration of comtech, cosmo, tech crew and visual art.  Students work “live” in the Forum over the lunch period creating paintings, drawings, nail art, special effects make-up, they conduct a photo shoot and demonstrate light and sound magic! Open to students in visual art, crafts, photography, cosmo and comtech from semester 1 or 2. Are you interested in participating? Register to participate with Ms. Erickson at end of March – more details coming soon. Hope to see you there!




50 Rez rock stars will be boarding the bus on May 1st to travel across the border to Cleveland.  A city that truly rocks! Stayed tuned for some updates on the trip in the next newsletter.


Music is in “full bloom” at Resurrection! We had a slow start to the semester because of the inclement weather, but now we have turn up the beats and we are running at top speed to prepare for our Spring Concert on April 11th in the fabulous Resurrection Cafeteria.  Come out and here some sweet tunes at 6:30pm. We gots everything from: Coldplay, Aladdin, Game of Thrones to Green Day and a little disco. Come be a part of the musical MAGIC.

What HIGH NOTES have we been hittin’ in the Classroom?

Senior Music students helped “make that change” by adding a fabs performance of “Man in the Mirror” to the WE assembly and heightened the “Ash Wednesday” service with riveting performances of “Let it Be” and “Home.” Also, the 11/12s have already collaborated on a Valentine’s themed medley (they were “lovely”) and now are off collaborating on their second project which entails composing songs that make a difference in our world.  These songs will then be recorded in our studio and come together in a compilation album of musical change. Grade 9 and 10 rock stars have been creating weird endings to songs, writing backing tracks to memes, and building musical houses.


Upcoming Events:

Hedy’s Story – March 28th at 7pm

Spring Concert – April 11th Resurrection Cafe at 6:30pm

Live Art  – Friday April 26th at lunch in the Forum

Music Tour – Cleveland May 1-3

Year End Arts Celebration – May 16th – All are welcome!!


by Tom Schneider

Phoenix Athletics completed another successful season with many individual athletes and teams moving onto OFSAA. The following is a summary of the season:

The Junior Boys Basketball Team captured the D8 Title before moving onto CWOSSA. 

Parker Boyd and Olivia Gillis captured CWOSSA gold before moving onto OFSAA this week.

The Varsity Boys Hockey Team captured the D8 Title before capturing Silver at CWOSSA.

Mary Ella Sehl captured CWOSSA Gold before advancing to OFSAA Alpine Skiing.


Important Dates

March 11 to 15 – March Break

March 27 – Civvies Day

March 27 to 28 – Performance “Heidi’s Story”

March 28 – Progress Report Distribution

March 29 – Thinkfast

April 1 to 5 – Rez Reads Week

April 4 – Parent / Teacher / Student Conferences

April 12 – P.A. Day

April 15 – Term 2 begins  (Careers/Civics)

April 18 – Easter Mass

April 18 – Rez Film Festival

April 19 – Good Friday

April 22 – Easter Monday

April 24 – Civvies Day

April 26 – Live Art at Lunch

April 29 – School Council Meeting

May 1 – Mid Term Report Distribution

May 6 to 9 – Catholic Education Week

May 7 – Graduate Honor Day

May 7 – Mass

May 9 – March for Life

May 13 to 17 – Rez Week

May 24 – Relay for Life

May 31 – P.A. Day