Rez News – November 2017

Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

We have had a wonderful first two months at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.  The school is in full swing with our focus on academic success as well as providing enriching opportunities in the areas of art, technology, athletics and every co-curricular imaginable.

Our students have received their Progress Reports and are encouraged to re-examine the academic goals they set for themselves at the start of the school year.  There are tremendous supports at Resurrection including but not limited to the classroom teacher, Student Success and Special Education (Rooms 109, 111 and 117), Guidance and our Leadership Team.  The advice we give every student in our school is, “Do not leave the class with an unanswered question”!

Our Art Department is in full swing with our bands, choirs, visual art club, photography club, drama and tech crew all up and running.  Our school wide production of ‘Footloose’ is in the process of casting and our plans are underway for Live Art on December 1st.  The fall season athletics is just wrapping up with all our teams representing our school to the best of their ability!  Congratulations to our Golf, Tennis, Cross Country and Field Hockey Teams all capturing divisional or overall team titles.  Good luck to the many teams who are still competing.  Our Electric Motor Car Club has had an early competition and is now back to the design room prior to our next outing.  This is just a snapshot of the vast array of opportunities offered at Resurrection at both lunch time and after school, there are opportunities for student to get involved.

We are now moving from a People of Hope to a People of Faith in our three-year Liturgical Plan.  This year our focus will be putting “Faith into Action”.  We have already held a school wide Toonies for Terry Campaign to align with the Terry Fox Run and raise awareness and support for Cancer Research.  We had a group of students and staff participate in the “Me to We Day” where they were inspired to continue to put their faith into action.  We had our school wide Thanksgiving Food Drive and most recently our Social Justice Team in combination with our God Squad participated in Halloween for Hunger where they gave up their Halloween night to collect food for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

We are very proud of the staff at Resurrection which we consider the best educators in region.  They provide countless opportunities both inside and outside the classroom and we are privileged to be part of the wonderful Resurrection community!

Your Leadership Team,

Leisha Craftchick, Marisa Munroe and Chris Woodcroft


 A Note from our Chaplain

by Marianna Worth

Chaplaincy at Resurrection C.S.S. this year, had a strong start with many exciting faith celebrations and activities. With the installation of our Student Link in the homeroom classrooms, and God Squad (our Youth Faith-in-Action Team), as well as our Social Justice Committee, we have been able to organize many events that celebrate our community as a People of Faith!

The Opening School Mass of Thanksgiving, was held during our Thanksgiving Food Drive Week, and was a beautiful Full School Mass, with our celebrant Father Dan Lobsinger from St. Agatha Parish. In his homily, Father talked about love and compassion and building a community of respect and inclusivity. And it linked beautifully with the tremendously successful Food Drive, led by the Student Link and the Social Justice Committee. What a great way to show our love for those in need! All proceeds are going toward the St. Mark’s Parish St. Vincent de Paul Society Food Hampers.

Late September and early October, we held the Grade 9 Science and Faith Retreats at the Laurel Creek Conservation Centre. Even in the rain and the cold, we still managed to have a great day of reflection.  We began our day with meditation and prayer and talked about the Pope’s Encyclical Laudato Si and how we can be good stewards of our garden home, the Earth. We played a game that reflected the theme of climate change and the part we can play to reduce our impact… Students were able to enjoy lunch around the fire, and the afternoon allowed them to participate in a creek study, with prayer to finish the day. Students were engaged and had lots of fun with this prayerful and experiential learning opportunity.

Halloween for Hunger/We Scare Hunger was our first activity as part of the WeDay Toronto experience on September 27th, where 10 of our students from Resurrection were able to attend, and brought a huge used battery collection to donate. We Scare Hunger, a We Schools activity, gave us the chance to go around the Resurrection Neighbourhood to collect food instead of candy, and was a terrific success. Even though we were a small group, we were a mighty group and spread the warmth of community around the areas surrounding our school, on a cold Halloween night.


The Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario sponsors 1 student per Catholic Highschool, to be awarded the Catholic Student Award at the Father Patrick Fogherty Awards Dinner on October 28th. Our graduate, Evan Chang, was the recipient of this prestigious award for this year, and attended the dinner with his parents and very proud Chaplain.

The When Faith Meets Pedagogy Youth Forum was held October 26th at the International Plaza Hotel and Conference Room, and we were able to bring 8 students from Resurrection. They participated in workshops, and were able to see motivational Faith speakers and meet students from all around Ontario. What an incredible day of celebrating youth and their faith!show picture of students standing in front of a colourful canoe)

And so looking forward, we will begin our sock collection for Toasty Toes, and our Remembrance Day services on November 10th.   As we move onwards toward December, we look forward to the Grade 12 Religion Inner City Walks with the Working Centre, our Advent Masses and Christmas Hamper Campaign. There are always exciting things happening with Chaplaincy and Social Justice here at Rez. May God bless you all with peace, faith and love!


Guidance News

 by Sean Kritz

Twitter @RCSSguidance

Post‐Secondary Timeline For Grade 12’s

  1. College and University visits that have been held at our school this fall will be coming to a close this month however there are still a few opportunities for students to attend a presentation. See the following link for more info.

  2. Grade 12 students should continue to do specific institution research at the for university and for Colleges.

  3. PIN numbers for students applying to university have arrived and are available in the guidance office (please bring photo I.D.). Students planning to apply to university, must use this personal PIN number to set up their account. Students planning to apply to college do not need a PIN number in order to set up their application account.

  4. Now is a great time to arrange for a campus visit or tour at institutions that are of interest. The value of making a personal visit to a school should not be underestimated. Students who have visited campuses are finding this to be very beneficial in their decision making process. Most colleges and universities typically host these events in the fall, as well as in the spring. Specific dates can be found on the web sites of all university and colleges.

  5. Review your semester two timetable to make sure that you have all of the necessary pre-requisite courses for the programs that you are interested in applying for.

  6. Complete your Community Service Hours – AND – remember to submit them through

  7. Be prepared to wait for confirmation of acceptance from schools. Each institution has its own timeline with regard to admission offers. Try not to let anxiety about acceptance interfere with your progress at school.

Walk–In Counselling Available  “Front Door”

Do you have concerns about your teenager’s behavior, emotional state, or mental health? Are you concerned about possible self-harm or drug use issues? Are these issues creating family conflict for you? The Walk-In Counselling at Front Door helps families with children up to 18 years of age to get started on the road to understanding. Through a single family counselling session, the experienced counsellors there help identify issues and equip families with tools and strategies to address their concerns. The focus of the session is determined by each family’s unique needs. Front door  is located at 770 King Street E., Kitchener. Walk-In counselling hours are Saturdays: 9am-3:30pm and Wednesday: 12pm – 6:30pm. Appointments are available on a first come basis and are free of charge. Family member directly involved in the concern are encouraged to attend.Click HERE for more info.

Community Service Hours

Still need community service hours?  In addition to completing your community service hours, you will gain valuable skills and experience which will help you to find employment at a later date. Most importantly, you will have fun and make a difference. Many organizations need and want your help. Please visit for opportunities.

Resurrection is transitioning to collecting community service hours online using  Hour Republic.

Hour Republic is an online volunteer database and tracking tool that students can use to record their community service hours and search for volunteer opportunities in our region.  Each student must sign up with Hour Republic and create an account that will automatically be linked with Resurrection.  This will allow students to submit their hours online and have the hours verified.  Further instructions for signing up with Hour Republic can be found at the following link.  Hour Republic Registration Information

Guidance Counsellor Caseloads

Please see the guidance counsellor caseloads for 2017-2018.

Caseloads are based on a student’s last name

A – C (Ms. Nagy)

D – K (Mr. Kritz)

L, M, O,P (Ms.Jayasundera)

N, Q – Z (Ms. Hummel)

International Students (Ms. Iley )


News from our Languages and Communications Department

by Evelyn Dekker

The Languages and Communications Department has been busy in the first two months of school, well beyond the usual classroom learning.  French students were invited to meet and listen to the stories of several local Metis who came to share their language and cultural history with several classes. Later this semester they look forward to eating crepes at the Creperie in Elora.  The Spanish class, on the other hand, is taking their language learning to other classes in the school to showcase their new language acquisition.  In addition, ELL students have enjoyed a movie night and pumpkin carving.  They look forward to an inner city walk with our chaplain, Marianna Worth, as well as a visit to the Christkindl Market next month.  They are also attending Homework Club every Wednesday.  Finally, in early October, English students had the opportunity to see world class theatre in Stratford: Twelfth Night and Romeo and Juliet!


The Arts

by Leah Ann Erickson, Christine Bencina and Sandra Farrell


Resurrection’s annual Christmas card designs have been selected for this year! Congratulations to Grade 12 Visual Art students Carlee Gibbons, Margaret Malton, Mackenzie LeBrun and Victoria Edgehill. Beautiful work!

LIVE Art is an event where students from visual arts, cosmetology, drama and com tech work “live” in the Forum at lunch on Friday December 1st. This will be our 3rd live event!  Students will be drawing, painting, creating computer-generated art, doing a photo shoot, nail art, special effects make-up and much more!  Are you interested in participating? We would love to have you involved!  Bring a friend! Register through Ms. Erickson, Ms. Heldman, Ms. Drake or Ms. Sloos.

Art Club

A quiet place to do your art.                  

Meets at Lunch in Room 105
                                             Tuesdays through Fridays                                                  
    All are welcome!     See Ms. Erickson for more info.



LIVE Art is an event where students from visual arts, cosmetology, drama and com tech work “live” in the Forum at lunch on Friday December 1st. This will be our 3rd live event!  Students will be drawing, painting, creating computer-generated art, doing a photo shoot, nail art, special effects make-up and much more!  Are you interested in participating? We would love to have you involved!  Bring a friend! Register through Ms. Erickson, Ms. Heldman, Ms. Drake or Ms. Sloos.





Photography Classes

The Photography classes made their way to St. Jacob’s Village to sight see for a photo shoot. It was a great day of awesome weather which allowed the students to explore outdoors and to complete their photo shoot. For those who had not been there before, it was an opportunity to begin to explore and to learn about the diverse cultures of Waterloo Region.

Music News

Rez Music has been crushin it! The choir sounded absolutely angelic at our opening Mass and Sr. Band/Grade 10 class MEGA BAND absolutely RAISED THE ROOF at the pep rally, and the recording studio has been fired up with lots of musicians laying down tracks.

 In class, Grade 10 rock stars have been “stickin’ it to the man” through protest songs and are getting jazzy by chilling’ with the Blues. Sr. Guitarists creeped us out with SPOOKTACULAR soundtracks to get into the Halloween SPIRIT and have been doing some INSANE song covers. The grade 9 banders perfected the pentatonic scale and composed their own Chinese folksong while the junior singers have made MJ proud when singing a mash-up of “ABC” and “I Want You Back”

 Rez Music rooms were cranked up on Grade 8 Day with supreme boom whack-a-lacking to “Crazy Train” and the “ultimate real life shazam showdown” while the vocalists were pitch perfect sing a mash – up of “If I Were a Guy” and “Some Nights”.

 After school, the Sr. Band is owning Bon Jovi and Christmas-ifying it up with the Nutcracker, while Jr. Band is feeling’ Pink Floyd and Noteworthy is doing the piano man proud with their exquisite harmonies on “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”

 But the craziness doesn’t stop there!!! Rez Music recently hosted “Canada D’eh” a patriotic performing arts celebration that included acts from all five WCDSB high schools. Rez highlights from this event include: a Gord Downie indigenous peoples tribute by the dance and drama classes, as well a little Shawn Mendez from the vocal class, and a rocking’ Canadian Mashup from the Jam Band.

 Rez Music is looking forward to strutting their stuff at the Grade 8 Night on Nov 29 and cranking out the beats while spreading holiday cheer at the Christmas Concert on Dec 14.

 Keep rocking’ the free world!


Religion and Family Life Department News

by Lisa Hodgkinson

The Religion and Family Life Department was delighted to accept an invitation from St Jerome’s University to bring all Grade 12 Religion students to hear Katherine Hennessey, speak about the work of her grandmother,  Dorothy Day.  Dorothy Day was a prominent Catholic, writer, social activist, and co-founder of The Catholic Worker, a movement dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor.  Students were inspired by the talk and excited to hear the account of someone they had studied closely in the course text.

The next big event for the Religion Department will be the Grade 11 Places of Worship tour, where all grade 11 students spend the day meeting and speaking with leaders of other institutions of religion in our local community.  The experience is an invaluable complement to the studies in Grade 11 and to our endeavours to build understanding of a thriving and diverse K-W community.

The Native Studies Department continues to receive a rich array of speakers who are an instrumental part of the Grade 12 course designed to bring students to an experiential understanding of the traditional indigenous worldview as well as social, political, environmental and economic issues facing indigenous communities across the global.  Students also visited the ROM earlier this year and Huron Heights to attend an event designed to introduce students to the cultural  practice of Powwow.


Phoenix Finance

by Fred Masters

Mr. Masters leading a Phoenix Finance session earlier this fall in a ‘lunch and learn’ format.  The sessions are packed with Resurrection students wanting to learn about financial literacy!

  “How do I go about saving for a first house or condo?”

“What do you mean there are credit cards that pay YOU when you use them?”

“How do I go about investing for long-term goals such as my retirement?”

“How does the stock market work and how do I invest in stocks so that I don’t lose my money?”

If you are like most Canadians, ‘financial literacy’ is confusing.  Having said that, we all recognize that understanding these personal finance pieces is crucial to our long-term financial success and well-being.

At Resurrection, we have a club – Phoenix Finance – that teaches students these important financial literacy lessons!  The club meets on Thursdays in a ‘lunch & learn’ format and is open to both new members and returning ones.  The sessions shed light on many confusing financial topics such as the questions raised earlier.  Members are shown how to use index funds and exchange traded funds to create effective, cost-efficient investment portfolios that are built for the long-term.  The students are given access to a stock market simulation brokerage account with $100,000 virtual balances where they actually get to create investment portfolios so as to put into practice what they are learning.  We even have staff members attend the sessions!  The club’s facilitator is Mr. Masters, our Program Head of Business & Co-operative Education, who teaches senior financial accounting here at Resurrection.  Follow @phoenixfinance1 on twitter.



by Tom Schneider

Our fall season of Athletics is wrapping up as winter tryouts are set to begin.


* the Cross Country Team is heading to OFSAA as 8 members have qualified for the event

*the Junior Football Team is getting ready for the D-8 Championship game after finishing the regular season undefeated

*the Varsity Field Hockey Team captured their ninth D-8 Title in a row

*the Junior Girls Basketball Team is wrapping up their regular season with 1 loss and looking forward to a long playoff run

*Thank-you to all the RCSS coaches and volunteers for taking the time to improve the quality of the student-athlete experience.





Student News



Thanks to Ms. Drake and her drama classes and Mrs. Heldman and her cosmetology classes for putting on a very scary Haunted House.





Grade 8 Day was a grand success!   Thanks to the leadership of Ms. McCaffery, Mr. Buchholtz, Mr. Harriot, Ms. Smart, Mrs. Hummel, Ms. Godkin and Ms. Craftchick.  Thanks to all our teachers who took the time to organize and run events for our grade 8’s, we hope we captured most of what happened on this day!  Thank you also to the teachers who volunteered to cover for those running the events as well!  It was a full team effort and everyone’s assistance very much appreciated!


A good day out with the Grade 9 geography students to investigate Ontario “Landscapes In Transition”, hike along the Grand River, view evidence of glaciation and prehistoric rock formations, identify native vegetation and measure the health of a Carolinian forest. Thanks Mr. Aldworth and Mr. Dietrich for providing this hands on experience.





Sending positive message of faith, “We want to be known as a community of love!”  Thank you Ms. Worth for always delivering the message that our students need to hear, and in such an engaging way!!!         




Please join us on Wednesday November 15th for a Pathways Night, 19 speakers will be at the event to speak of their career pathways.

Pathways Information Night Poster 


Important Dates

Nov 6 – 10 – REZ Reads

Nov 9 – Career/Civics new Term

Nov 10 – Remembrance day Mass

Nov 15 – Pathways Night

Nov 17 – P.D. Day

Nov 22 – Mid Term Reports Distribution

Nov. 23 – Arts Coffee Night

Nov 29 – Civives Day

Nov 29 – Grade 8 Information Night

Dec 1 – Live Art in Forum

Dec 4 – Christmas Hamper Program Begins

Dec 7 – Advent Mass

Dec 9 – P.D. Day

Dec 14 – Arts Night

Dec 20 – Civies Day

Dec 25 – Jan 5  — Christmas Break

January 8 – back to School

More News

Carizon is offering a 2 hour session this week to help parents work with their teens who are graduating and moving on to post secondary or the world of world of work.   Graduating from secondary school can be a challenging time for teens and their families, this workshop provides parents with useful information and strategies to effectively support their children through the post-secondary transition and beyond.