On Monday, June 17th – Wednesday June 19th students who wrote their OSSLT will be able to access their results in our Student Success Center.  Students may come to Room 109 at lunch or after school only to receive their official letter from EQAO which will outline their final mark.  Students are required to achieve a mark of 300  to be successful. If EQAO results are not picked up prior to the exam period, remaining letters will be distributed with report cards. Grade 10 students who were not successful will have an opportunity to write again next year, or consider taking the Ontario Literacy Course in Summer School.  Grade 11 students who were not successful will either be scheduled into the Ontario Literacy Course next year, or can register for Summer School.  Should students have any questions/concerns they are encouraged to come to Room 109 and speak to one of our students success teachers, and/or make an appointment with Guidance.