Practice Your Cannabis Talk– For Parents

“Talking with your teen about cannabis may seem hard, but what you say does have an impact”.  To ensure you’re prepared, practice live with our kids before speaking with yours.

An expert will also be on hand to provide advice and help guide you through the discussion.
See you soon!

Facebook Live Event Dates
April 16 at 7:30 pm Dimitri + Dr. William Barakett
May 14 at 7:30 pm Ethan + Dr. Richard Bélanger
June 11 at 7:30 pm Dimitri + Dr. Richard Bélanger
July 16 at 7:30 pm Talyssa + Dr. William Barakett

Participating experts:

Anne Élizabeth Lapointe
Executive Director of the Centre québécois de lutte aux dépendances et de la Maison Jean Lapointe, Anne Élizabeth has implemented several prevention programs, in addition to publishing many articles and studies.

Dr. William Barakett
A family doctor, researcher and President the Quebec Cannabis Registry, Dr. Barakett is a respected expert in the field of addiction treatment.

Dr. Richard Bélanger
Pediatrician Dr. Bélanger is, among other things, an assistant professor in the Pediatric Department of the Université de Laval. His main research area is the use of psychoactive substances among youth.“


 Waterloo Regional Police Service– Secondary School Student Survey

For well over 20 years, uniform members of the Waterloo Regional Police Serve (WRPS) have been assigned to visit and support local schools to build positive relations with youth and to be available as a resource for crime prevention and safety initiatives.  These specifically trained officers are known as School Resource Officers (SRO’s).  Presently, six dedicated SRO’s are responsible for visiting 40 secondary schools (Catholic, Public, Alternative and Private) in the Waterloo Region.

The Waterloo Regional Police Service is inviting secondary school students from across the Region of Waterloo to participate in our inaugural ‘Secondary School Student Survey of the Waterloo Regional Police Service School Resource Officer Program’.

SRO 2019 Student Survey Letter Consent form 2019 (1)