Good Afternoon,

The following message was shared with our entire school community this afternoon as we start our second semester. We thank you in advance for your support of Resurrection Catholic Secondary School Students and Staff:

  • The start of a new academic semester is a wonderful opportunity to reset our goals – Academic, Pathway and Personal goals – what can we do to improve on our first semester results?
  • Attendance is critical to your success – we know students do better academically when they are in class
  • Unless you have a medical reason, washroom breaks are not a right, please do not abuse the privilege as you will be missing valuable instructional time
  • Keeping our community safe is our number one priority and the uniform is our first line of defence, the basic expectation for uniform is a Phoenix ‘R’ crested golf shirt and phoenix crested pants or shorts, we currently have a limited selection of extra uniform pieces so it is incumbent upon you to come to school in complete uniform. You are not permitted to be in class or our school if you are not in complete uniform.
  • Please continue to be a good community neighbour especially while you are at the plaza at lunch
  • We are a Smoke free/Vape free facility – if you choose to vape or smoke in a bathroom or anywhere on site you will receive a 1-day suspension and possibly a $305 Public Health fine
  • At Resurrection we are proud to offer a quality, inclusive faith-based environment where everyone has the right to come to school and feel safe and respected. If you ever do not feel this way all you have to do is speak with an adult and we will assist you
  • Finally, tomorrow, at this point, our school will be closed to students, due to job action. We offer our support and prayers for all our community members involved and continue to hope a resolution is just around the corner.

Thank you and have a wonderful second semester!


Chris Woodcroft, Leisha Craftchick and Patrick Eby