Transitioning from grade 8 to grade 9 can be a difficult time for many students. Picking the most appropriate pathway in math is one way to help that transition go smoothly by increasing self-confidence and reducing anxiety. The intent of these resources is to assist you in determining which pathway is most appropriate for your future.

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The Pathways Chart​​ will show you the three main streams that students select when entering RCSS. These include:

Course Pathway Number of Strands​ Link​
MPM1DP ​ ​Pre-AP Mathematics ​ ​​ See description below​​​​
MPM1D ​Academic ​4 ​​Ministry Site
MFM1P  ​Applied* ​3 Ministry Site​
MAT1L  ​Essential ​3 Locally D​eveloped (EduGains)
​Active and Community Living​  ​​​​ ​ See description below​​​
NOTE: In grade 8, students complete 5 Strands in math. (Curriculum Link)

Our RCSS Grade 8 to Grade 9 Streaming Brochure will help illustrate what the course content looks like in these three main pathways BY THE END OF GRADE 9. See What You Should Be Able to Do By the End of Grade 8 to help inform your choice of Grade 9 Math course.

Visit Do I Need to Take Academic Math? to determine if the Academic Pathway is where you should start.NOTES:

  • 3 math courses are the minimum number required for an OSSDiploma
  • Student pathways can begin in one “stream” and end in another. For example, a student can start in grade 9 applied and move into the academic stream in subsequent years. (In some cases this may require taking an additional math course.)
  • Grade 9 Applied and Grade 9 Academic students write EQAO Provincial Assessments near the end of the semester.  They account for 15% of the course grade. (Applied students write a different EQAO assessment than Academic students)
  • * Grade 9 Applied (MFM1P) math is taught through “spiralling”. This process of teaching all three strands throughout the course (rather than sequentially) has proven to assist these students with retention and understanding; ultimately leading to improved results in the course and on the EQAO Provincial Assessment. Also, the pace of the grade 9 Applied program is slower than the Academic program partially due to the extra strand in the Academic program.

MPM1DP (Pre-AP Mathematics)

In addition to MPM1D, Resurrection offers MPM1DP, a self-selected Pre-AP (Calculus) math program. It is part of a 4 year Pre-AP pathway. Students who have a keen interest in mathematics will be challenged by a more in-depth look into the grade 9 Academic curriculum. Students can also expect to see some content from the grade 10 Academic curriculum introduced during the semester. This is accomplished by moving more quickly through the regular curriculum; so students in this designation must be capable of grasping mathematical concepts relatively quickly. Please note; our model of Pre-AP does NOT evaluate/test these “reach ahead” concepts. Testing in this course is identical to the regular Academic program.

Students can still enter the Pre-AP pathways from other years of high school, regardless of their selection of MPM1D-P.

Active and Community Living Programs

Students on a significantly modified elementary math program may benefit from our Active Program or

Community Living  Programs