Excel Worksheet for Data Management (doc)

Random Number (No Repeats allowed) (xlsx)


Today you will be developing your technology skills using one, maybe two, pieces of software.

Part 1: Fathom. Fathom is a software program (similar to Excel) which will help you graph and analyze data. It is available for you to take home. Fathom is available for students in the Shared Class Google Drive. It can be run directly from the file or placed on a memory stick. (Here is a link to the file on Google Drive for this class)

Day 1: Follow the instructions in Day-1-Intro-to-Fathom-Computer-Lab. The link in this document will let you collect data and import it into Fathom. You may wish to print the document before you start.

Day 2: If you complete this Fathom activity today, please move on to the Excel (Skittles) activity, Day 2 – Intro to Excel – Skittles.

Day 3: Intro to Excel…trends. Day 3 – Intro to Excel – Scatterplots Activity. The data for this activity is here (Tree data) and here (Charitable activities up to 2007).

Day 4: The Power of Data – The Media:

– Read pgs 57-59

1.Find 1 graph (within the last 4 years) that uses data to convey information to the reader…in a misrepresented way.
2.Paste your graph and URL into the shared class Google Doc so that others don’t use your graph.
3.Copy/Paste the URL and graphic into an e-DOC.
4.Discuss how the data is misrepresented, why the author chose to create the graphic as it was published, and discuss how the graphic would look if it were presented without bias.
5.Email (or share) the file with me.

Explore the collection of links here, to help get a sense of misleading/misrepresented data.

Day 5: Practice with Fathom and Excel

#1. FATHOM: Lesson5b-OntarioYouthsSESActivity – Data Set (Right Click and Choose “Save Link As…” then rename the extension to “FTM” OntarioYouths (Rename the extension to .FTM)
(Note: If you’re doing this at school, you will need to open FATHOM first, then open the dataset from inside FATHOM.)
                          Creating HISTOGRAMS in Excel (without the Add-in tool)
#3 EXCEL:Day 5 – Measures of Central Tendency (This is a website that shows how to use spreadsheets to calculate averages. You will NOT be able to download the original data, but it still is a great step-by-step.)


Here is a sample data set​​ (Excel file), similar to your project’s set.  (You will need to manually enter your data for the actual project!!)

Here is a list of Stats Project Things to Do with this data.

Here are the Stats Project (Answers) for this particular data set.

Looking to do more with FATHOM?  Check out this link!