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Rez News – Grade 10 Literacy Test Information


A Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

During Holy Week we are reminded of the hope that is approaching.  The Holy Triduum which encompasses Holy Thursday, Good Friday and our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday is the essence of who we are as a Catholic people.  Although there are sometimes dark times there is always hope!  Spring is here (and hopefully the warm weather follows suit) and with it a renewed sense of optimism is flourishing.  Academically, we are at the Progress Report time which provides an opportunity to complete a ‘goals’ check for our students and staff.  Are we achieving at a level that we have set for ourselves?  Are we putting the time and effort in that is necessary for us to be successful?  Are we seeking out the opportunities that are available for extra support?  […]

Rez News – January 2018

A Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

We have entered into a new year and as we enter into a new semester we hope that all of our students and staff find a fresh start as we venture into further success in 2018.  As we move into the month of February, we ask that all students and staff find the importance in setting both academic and personal goals.

We have had an outstanding first semester with a tremendous amount of learning and significant achievements along the way.  Late November our School/Parent Council hosted a very successful ‘Pathways Night’ where we had 19 guest speakers come in from various occupational pathways to share their passion and experience with our community.  Resurrection hosted an energized ‘Live Art’ exhibit which highlighted visual art, cosmetology and communication technology.  Our Athletics Department had another outstanding fall season highlighted […]

Rez News November 2017

Rez News – November 2017

Message from our Leadership Team

by Chris Woodcroft

We have had a wonderful first two months at Resurrection Catholic Secondary School.  The school is in full swing with our focus on academic success as well as providing enriching opportunities in the areas of art, technology, athletics and every co-curricular imaginable.

Our students have received their Progress Reports and are encouraged to re-examine the academic goals they set for themselves at the start of the school year.  There are tremendous supports at Resurrection including but not limited to the classroom teacher, Student Success and Special Education (Rooms 109, 111 and 117), Guidance and our Leadership Team.  The advice we give every student in our school is, “Do not leave the class with an unanswered question”!

Our Art Department is in full swing with our bands, choirs, visual art club, photography club, drama and […]