The Resurrection Student Activities Council (SAC) 2023-2024 are very excited to welcome you back to school. After a remarkable year, we will put our best efforts forward to support you in transition to the new school year. SAC is here to support everyone and ensure you feel a sense of belonging at Rez. From planning school events, taking on initiatives, to simply making you feel welcomed, we are here for you.

Please also visit our Instagram page @rescss or Twitter @ResCSS for regular updates once the school year begins!

We always welcome your ideas. Please feel free to pitch us your ideas by emailing us or finding SAC members through different means (i.e. school email).

Rez SAC Members of 2023-2024

Student Trustee: Xavier Petrie

Co-Presidents: Dante Casetta and Helen Alemu


Ministry of Communications (3)

SAC Communication Representative: Joseph Sadik

Social Media Representative: Karina Magolon

Tech/Productions Representative: Patience Kieswetter

Ministry of Special Events (4)

Special Events Representatives: Liv Brasil, Jacob Habte, Bailey Ewanchuk, Natalie Arthur

Ministry of Simple Celebrations (3)

Simple Celebrations Representatives: Althea Rabano, Seamus Riley-McKay, Hailey Hollohan

Ministry of Student Voice (6)

Athletic Representative: Matteo Grant

Arts Representative: Marjorie Levesque

Rez Community Representatives: Grace Tran, Kaelyn Pereira

Grade Nine Reps x 2 : TBD

Ministry of Faith in Action (4)

Faith in Action Representatives:  Jordan Heseltine, Madyn Smith, Bailey McMahon, Graham MacFarlane

Ministry of Social Justice (3)

Social Change Representative: Allison-Hannah Berwick Hernandez

Inclusivity Representatives: Malik Al, Tran Tram Anh Thai (Sophia)

Ministry of Healthy Schools (2)

Mental Health Lead: Sadie Coates

Physical Health Representative: Kenneth Ntiamoah

Ministry of Community Affairs (3)

Community Affairs Representatives: Tide Bali, Tommy Allen, Adrianna Madigan

Ministry of Operations (6)

Scheduling Representative: Olivia Hickson

Treasury Representative: Theo Dickerson

Logistics Representative: Kate Reinhart

Operations Representative: Joshua Aagaard, Drew Targosz, Gabriella Mammoli