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Final Evaluation Schedule

The link for the Exam Schedule will be posted in the Homepage scroll bar.

Inclement Weather during Final Evaluations

In the event of yellow bus cancellations or a school closure announced by the Board, all postponed evaluations will be completed in the order in which they have been scheduled by the school on the first day back.


Final Evaluation Attendance: 

·         Final evaluations for a course may include more than one assessment strategy and these are often completed during class time in the few weeks leading up to the Exam Days. 

·         Withdrawing a student during these evaluation periods is strongly discouraged and may result in a zero for all or part of the final evaluation activities. 

·         Only for extenuating circumstances will an examination deferral be considered. 

·         No summative evaluation will be written prior to its scheduled time.  Students, who find themselves in a situation where they may not be able to write during the scheduled evaluations, should contact their Guidance Counsellor.

·         If a student is ill during their final evaluation(s), he/she will be required to submit a medical certificate to his/her guidance counsellor and make arrangements for an alternative writing date.


 Note: Students cannot be signed out of class to be studying in areas such as the cafeteria or library within the school.  Students given parental permission to sign out of class must leave school property.  Those students not following this procedure will be marked truant.